The Phoenix

Renovating my floor took several days, a dozen of Zeus’ workers, and a little bit of magic, but I couldn’t be more pleased. The front area closest to the elevator was rebuilt as the reception room, complete with waterfalls, black velvet couches, and ashwood coffee tables. The front desk was the center of attention, carved from a block of sandstone, polished to a beautiful gleam, and caught the light beautifully from both the crystal chandelier and the ever-burning candles that sat on either end of the desk. The ceiling was my own handiwork: a thin layer of ebony was lain over the boring old tile, where I took the liberty of spilling a bit of my magic into it to have it shift as the night skies do. You wouldn’t really notice unless you paid attention, but that was the idea.

From the reception desk, there were three doors you could be ushered through, depending on the appointment and work. The far left door went to an empty office space – unfurnished and unlit. That would be added to once I finished my next project, which would be fairly soon. The far right door led into where the Nox Logistics team would be working. It was outfitted in the most up-to-date technology and software, ready to monitor Nox’s budget, security, and location. I nearly said to hell with it when the salesman tried to explain how each piece worked. What idiot creates something that will outdate itself in less than a decade? If I had nothing but spare time, I could do it myself, sure. But we came here to remind mortals that they are meant to worship us, no?

The last door was immediately behind the reception desk, and led to small, private quarters. It was nothing like my room in Tartarus by any means; in fact, it felt more like Chloris and Athena had come through to decorate. A small fireplace was on the right wall, with a loveseat and two matching chairs ringed around it, a small end table on either side of the loveseat with crystal lamps atop them. On the far left, on a slightly raised floor, was a fairly plain, queen sized bed with a chest for blankets and extra pillows at the foot of it. The walls were a soft gray, and decorated with images of forests and oceans, a large set of antlers affixed above the bed to complete it. It was more meant for quick pit stops and naps, as I really don’t think I could stay under the same roof as Zeus for very long. A residence in town, however, would come later – this would do for the time being.

I’ve been thinking over the idea that spawned while in Dark Sparks on the way here, and I’ve decided I’m going to do it. A single-unit coffee shop, that doubles as a daycare – specializing in international pastries and drinks, open twenty-four hours a day. I didn’t want to contend with Hades’ chain; he was welcome to that market. I just wanted a little homebody shop that looked after the locals, in both body and mind, and children to dote on, since mine were grown and didn’t see fit to visit from time to time, hm. That little girl in Dark Sparks, she hit too many of my family heart strings, and my motherly instincts had wanted to hug her so tightly.

Nox drifted back to me again, and the work that was going to go into making Nox Logistics successful, and for that to happen, I needed mortals. Finding the right ones would be an interesting challenge, especially ones that weren’t intimidated by gods. Perhaps my dear Peitho might have suggestions for me.

With my floor refurbished and ready for whatever plans I had for it, I had many options open to me now. Heading to my room, I sat on the bedside and pulled a leather-bound notebook out from the bedside table, tracing the constellations that were tooled into the cover, before flipping it open to the first blank page. I had picked this up while looking for the first location of Nox, intending to use it to keep track of expenses and events at the club. Instead, it ended up tucked away in my things, until now. Grabbing a ballpoint pen, I made a list of all the things I needed to do.

  1. Hire for receptionist/Nox personnel
  2. Go for a drink with Prometheus and Aphrodite.
  3. Keys cut for Peitho; need new replacement set to replace Dinlas’ keys.
  4. Letter to Poseidon – ask Hermes for help?
  5. Familiar – dragon (Sayeh?), cat? Research needed.
  6. Greenland trip; temple foundations?
  7. Hestia, dinner?

It wasn’t a very cohesive list, but it was for me to reference, not the world. It didn’t need to have the who, 

what, where, when, and why explained when it was all for me. I closed the book and tucked it back into the drawer, murmuring a bit of protective magic over it so prying mortal eyes would be kept away. A deity could perhaps get passed it, but not without me knowing. And I couldn’t think of too many deities or immortals who really wanted to break into my things, at least not without starting a fight.

I had nowhere else to go for the afternoon, so I decided to spend my time searching for residences and locations for my new coffee shop. Several were closer to the outskirts of town, but that was no place to have children. I eventually found a small space a block away from Nox Olympus, and made a note to go by there tomorrow morning – it was a bit too late in the day to call up the owners, in my opinion.

Elation was blossoming in my chest, and I felt…eager. To be active, take a real role in what direction I wanted to go, instead of always following the damn rules in Olympus, or avoiding it all together. I could rewrite my name on the mortal plane. I could create a real following of the Night, instead of just statues in niches, resting inside the temples of the more “prolific” deities like Zeus and Apollo. It was time to dust myself off and remind the mortals who Nyx the Primordial is.


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Nyx (Ashley Gallaher-Pollard)

Nyx (Ashley Gallaher-Pollard)

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Nyx is portrayed by fiction writer and gamer, Ashley. She has been writing poetry and fiction for fifteen years, and has had poetry published through the Poetry Institute of Canada, most recently winning the Award of Excellence for the 2018 National Poetry Contest. She has been an ardent lover of mythology, history, and the occult since elementary school, which can be found in much of her writing. She is currently working on her debut novel, a mature, high fantasy adventure novel (working) titled War Wine. If you’re feeling charitable or kind, you could buy her a cup of Ko-Fi, follow her on Twitter, or become a Wine patron. She is a simple creature.
Nyx (Ashley Gallaher-Pollard)

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  1. I am glad you’re settling in well, Nyx! I love your idea for a coffee shop that doubles as a daycare. Maybe, I could come visit the little tots once in a while.

  2. Oh honey, what a glorious idea. I remember how sweet you were to Hestia and I when we were babies, scared of the dark. You’ll be perfect as a daycare provider. There are a lot of unwed mamas out there who have to work nights.

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