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The God Complex Headquarters, commonly referred to as “The GC HQ” or “The Tower”, is a 112-story , 1476-foot (450 meter) skyscraper situated on the The God Complex in Olympus, Greece.

The GC HQ, also, boasts 3 underground parking levels, 5 basement floors, and a sub-basement.

The total above ground floor area is 4,574,662 square feet (425,000 square meters) with a footprint of 225 ft (69m) on each side, the equivalent of an entire city block. Each of the individual god floors are 900 by 660 ft ( 274m x 200m), where gods establish their offices, as well as their personal residences.

Although not the tallest building in the world, it easily eclipses the tower in Athens by nearly 350 meters. It’s superior height coupled by its high elevation ensures The GC is the dominant structure on the horizon throughout the region.

Skyline Day.jpg

Zeus‘s observation deck, called The Skydeck is situated on the 93rd floor at an elevation of 1,222 feet above ground level. From here, he can feel the change in the winds as the building sways and see far over the plains of Greece and the Aegean Sea.

Ground Floor

The ground floor of the God Complex consists of several different areas, the first would be the street entrance, which remains the only entrance/exit for mortals and immortals, alike. The street entrance remains the barrier between the God Complex and the rabble, though the entrance is not as closely monitored as the entrance to the god floors is, security has increased significantly with the recent break out from Tartarus Correctional Facility. This includes a limitation on teleportation for all deities in and out of the HQ, all immortals will be restricted from arriving at a God Floor in such a manner, even in between God Floors. The new security protocols, include all balconies being converted into walled-in areas, and no windows will be able to open to the outside.

Street Entrance L1.jpg

Passing through the street entrance will lead you to the rest of the ground floor, where you will find various amenities available to you, including, but not limited to: three conference rooms, a recreation/game room, a small auditorium, convention area, along with several food options in the cafeteria. The cafeteria includes both deity and non-deity sponsored businesses like, Dark Sparks, Sunrise Breakfast & Brunch, Spartan Gyros, Zaqueria, Jolts Juice Bar, Pizza Pi, Pita Pan Express, Embers (an outpost for Hearthfire Catering) and Pho-You.

Lobby Overlook

Taking the escalator to the Lobby Overlook, leads to another set of conference rooms available to the public, banquet hall and kitchen, along with two lounges, one for the public use, the other reserved for deities. However, the most important aspect of the Lobby Overlook is the second reception area which is the gateway to the elevators that lead to the God Floors. As part of the increased security measures following the prison break, mystical security measures have been employed to prevent access to the god floors without going through the entrance on L2. All teleportation, flight, and other means of accessing the god floors is prohibited, attempting to do so will result in being thrown back violently from the area.

Lobby Overlook.jpg
Entrance to God Floors 2L.jpg

The Underworld

Another important feature includes the subbasement located beneath a second foundation, known as The Styx, in which the Underworld can be accessed by Hades and its other resident deities.

Another important feature includes the subbasement located beneath a second foundation, known as The Styx, in which the Underworld can be accessed by Hades and its other resident deities.

Major sections of the Underworld include: The Onyx Towers, Elysium Suites (Top Tier Suites), Apartments of Asphodel Meadows (Middle Tier Apartments), Mourning Fields and Mines, and Tartarus (Lower Tier Housing).

Building Directory

Floor No. Nomenclature Custodian
110 Zeus & Hera's Penthouse Hera
109 Ever Faithful Marriage Counseling (HQ) Hera
94-109 Reserved Hera
93 The Skydeck Zeus
92 Mortal Resources Administration Zeus
91 Office of the CEO Zeus
90 Malakíes Marketing & Public Relations (HQ) Moxie
89 Olympus Air Zeus
88 Banc of Olympus Zeus
87 Olympus Foundation Zeus
86 Olympus Travel Zeus
85 Olympus Resort and Spa Zeus
84 Olympus Telecom Zeus
83 Pantheon Print Zeus
82 Pantheon News Syndicate Eros
81 Pantheon Publishing Zeus
80 Reserved Zeus
79 Reserved Zeus
78 Reserved Zeus
77 Reserved Zeus
76 Reserved Zeus
75 Amyna Kataigidas Zeus
74 Olympus Entertainment Zeus
73 Olympus Medical Zeus
72 Olympus Medical Zeus
71 Olympus Medical Zeus
70 Pantheon Pharmaceutical Zeus
69 Cupid's Arrow (HQ) Eros
68 Pantheon Power Zeus
67 Olympus Solar Zeus
66 Olympus Oil & Gas Zeus
65 Olympus Machinery Zeus
64 Pantheon Automotive Zeus
63 Olympus Steaks Zeus
62 Olympus Interactive Zeus
61 Olympus Talent Relations Zeus
51-60 Vacant Vacant
50 Silver Bow Foundation & Mount Olympus National Park (HQ) Artemis
41-49 Vacant Vacant
40 Post Tartarus Temporary Housing Zeus
39 Personal Residence Thalia
38 Personal Residence Terpsichore
37 Personal Residence Polyhymnia
36 Personal Residence Melpomene
35 Personal Residence Atë
34 Personal Residence Clio
33 A Starry Night Gallery (HQ) & Vital Touch Healing Parlor (HQ) Urania
32 Apollo & The Hyacinths (HQ) Apollo
31 Personal Residence Calliope
30 Personal Residence Euterpe
29 The Two-Nine Dinlas
28 Sacred Circle (HQ) Circe
27 Personal Residence Amphitrite
26 Personal Residence Medusa
25 Marine Lab Selene
24 Personal Residence Erato
23 Personal Residence Athena
22 Wares Security (HQ) Ares
21 Personal Residence Adrestia
20 Personal Residence Nemesis
19 Mr. T’s Sweet Shoppe Thanatos
18 Personal Residence Eris
17 Nox Logistics Nyx
16 Personal Residence Nike
15 The Mermaid’s Tale (HQ) Poseidon
14 Erebus After Dark Erebus
13 Nykteria (HQ) Hekate
12 Personal Residence Persephone
11 Divine Law – Demeter, Esq. & Law Library Demeter
10 Mortal Resources Office Ophelia
9 Personal Residence Morpheus
8 Hearthfire Catering (Prep Kitchen) Hestia
7 Personal Residence Caerus
6 Personal Residence Dikê
5 Personal Residence Dionysus
4 Personal Residence Pan
3 Personal Residence Prometheus
2 A-Harmony Soulmate Matching Service Aphrodite
1 Hermes Mail Distribution Center Hermes
L2 Lobby Overlook Public
L1 Ground Floor Public
P1/M1 Underground Parking Level 1/Boiler Room / Sulfur Generation Hephaestus
P2/M2 Underground Parking Level 2/ Water Supply / River Styx Source Hephaestus
P3/M3 Underground Parking Level 3/Automaton R&D Hephaestus
M4 Personal Quarters Hephaestus
M5 Power Generation Hephaestus
00 The River Styx Hades
X1 The Onyx Towers Hades
X2 Elysium Suites Hades
X3 Apartments of Asphodel Meadows Hades
X4 Mourning Fields & Mines Hades
X5 Tartarus Hades