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The God Complex is a massive sprawling industrial park that spreads several miles, with the God Complex HQ at the very center.

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God Complex HQ

The God Complex Headquarters, commonly referred to as “The GC HQ” or “The Tower”, is a 112-story , 1476-foot (450 meter) skyscraper situated on the The God Complex in Olympus, Greece.

Face of History Museum

At the museum, Clio serves as one of the archivists. She safeguards records by creating film and digital copies, finds and acquires new materials for their archives, preserves and maintains documents and objects, and much more. During the day, people can get tours, explore the museum and attend history sessions.


Nox Nightclub, an exclusive pop-up club, mainly in Europe. A small sister location located down the street from the God Complex HQ, owned and operated by Nyx.