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The Lobby

When entering the museum, the first thing the guests are greeted by is the reception desk. The counter of the desk is made from white marble and the rest of the desk is made from dark wood. Behind the reception desk is a large fountain. Guests enjoy throwing pennies into the fountain, wishing for their hopes and dreams to come true. On the left side of the lobby is Exhibit D while on the right side there is a gift shop. Next to the gift shop, there is a little opening with a few statues and benches. Here events are held. During events, a bar will be placed here along with some standing tables. At the back of the museum. There are two grand staircases running up to the second floor of the museum. In the middle is an entrance leading to the next section of the museum. The ceilings are high and made out of windows. The windows can open up during nice weather and allow the sun and stars to shine through.

Food Court

The food court is located on the second floor of the museum on the left side. There are a few different options guests can choose from for food like traditional Greek food, pizza, pasta, and cookies.

Office/Personal Residence

This is Clio’s office and the place she stays when she works overnights. It is in the second half of the first floor. The office is located on the left side, just as you go through the two doors from the lobby. At the back of the office, there is a secret door that opens up into a small living space that has a bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

Gift Shop

Inside the gift shop, there are many nicknacks a guest can buy including, t-shirts, hats, bags, notebooks, posters, etc. The money made from the gift shop goes back into the museum and the rest of it is donated to schools around the world to help fund children with proper education.


The library looks like an enchanted library from a fairytale and it is located on the second half of the main floor beside the office. The books there are all related to ancient history. The majority of them are Ancient Greek related. There are areas in the library where students or anyone else who is interested can sit and read the book in peace. There are long tables for those who are studying to write down information from the books in the library.


The garden/courtyard is located in the middle of the second section of the main floor. There are many different shaped bushes here as well as a small fountain in the middle. The main flower of the gardens is pink roses which fill the museum with a sweet scent. At night, little lights are placed in the bushes. When they light up, it creates a fairytale setting that many guests enjoy. The ceiling also opens up when the weather is nice.

Staff Room

The staff room is located in the basement of the building. It is a place for the staff to visit during their lunches and breaks. Down there, there is a t.v, kitchen, couches, and other necessities to keep the workers happy.


  • Exhibit A. Ancient Greece (Theme is always the same, artifacts change):
  • Exhibit B. Ancient Egypt (Theme is always the same, artifacts change)
  • Exhibit C. Ancient Rome (Theme is always the same, artifacts change)
  • Exhibit D. The Muses (Theme is always the same, artifacts change)
  • Exhibit E. French Revolution (Theme changes up every so often)
  • Exhibit F. Pompeii (Theme changes up every so often)
  • Exhibit G. Ancient Mesopotamian (switches to other ancient civilizations every season. Babyloans, Mayans, ECT)