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The Muse of Dance and Chorus, she is currently unvoiced.


Know Your Muse

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Facial Hair: N/A

Eyes: Blue

Distinguishing Features: None.


Parents: Zeus and Mnemosyne

Siblings: Calliope, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Clio, Thalia, and Urania

Spouse: None

Children: Linos


Terpsichore owns a dance studio which is located on her floor in the God Complex.


Terpsichore lives on the 38th floor of the God Complex.

Personal Information

General Overview: Terpsichore returned to Olympus when everyone else was summoned back. She owns her own dance studio which can be found on her floor. She had a scholarship for twelve amazing dancers who she trains in her studio daily. Terpsi is considered their foster mom as she helps them grow into their own person.

Terpsi will do anything for her sisters. She is a loyal, ride or die, kind of girl that people love. She is friendly, outgoing, and enjoys creating parties out of the blue.

Nicknames: Terpsi, Choros.

Likes: Dancing, Singing, Performing, Crowds, Parties

Dislikes: Quietness, Cold Weather


Rebellious. Ever since Terpischore was born, she has been rebellious. Out of all the muses, she would be the one to break the rules, and do things the others wouldn’t. She would often encourage her sisters to participate in rebellious activities.

Bluntness. Terpsichore will say it how it is even when it is not appropriate to do so. She is extremely blunt with her sisters and will sometimes upset them depending on the situation.


Immortality. Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections. As a deity, they are able to teleport, or "pop" anywhere in the mortal plane with a few exceptions, the God Floors of the GC HQ are mystically protected, so no teleporting to or in between them, anything on the non-mortal plane, i.e., the Underworld, Atlantis, and the Void, are non-accessible without a guide.

Mother Tongue. As the bridge between the mortal world and the divine, they speak all languages mortals do, even the long dead ones. She uses this ability on a daily basis when examining new scrolls or artifacts that are in a different language.

Lady of the Dance. Terpsichore is able to have mortals and immortals dance uncontrollably.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: During the day, Terpsi enjoys wearing bodysuits and leggings. She enjoys wearing clothing that is close fitted to the body.

Alternative Dress Wear: At home, Terpsi enjoys wearing comfortable clothing. She can be found in front of the t.v wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt after a long day.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons


Historical Synopsis

TERPSIKHORE (Terpsichore) was one of the nine Mousai (Muses), the goddesses of music, song and dance. In the classical era, when the Mousai were assigned specific literary and artistic spheres, Terpsikhore was named Muse of choral song and dancing, and depicted with a lyre and plectrum. Her name means "Delighting in Dance" from the Greek words terpsis "to delight" and khoros "dance".[1]