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Dolus is the prime of trickery, he is currently unscribed.


Know Your God

Height: 6′4″

Weight: 235 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Facial Hair: Tightly cropped beard around the jaw.

Eyes: Dolus’ eyes are naturally brown but they turn silver when he is using his powers.

Distinguishing Features: Tattoo of a coyote on his lower abdomen. It glows gold when he is using his abilities.


Parents: Nyx (Mother) & Erebus (Father)

Siblings: Hypnos (twin brother), Geras, Momus, Eris(Prime), Nemesis, Apate, Oizys, Philotes, Aether and Hemera (light and day), The Oneiroi (gods of dreams, 1000 brothers), The Keres (goddesses of violent deaths, 1000 sisters), The Moirai (The Fates, 3 sisters), The Hesperides (Evening/Sunset, 3 sisters), Astra Planeta, Eleos, Sophrosyne, Epiphron, Hybris, Anaidea (Ruthlessness), Epiales (nightmares), Achlys (death mist), the Arai (curses), Alastor (blood feud), Aporia (want), the Maniai (madnesses), Eurynomos (flesh eating daemon), and the Nosoi (plague).

Spouse: None

Children: None


Dolos owns his own art and sculpture museum, although he barely spends time at it.


Dolos lives on the 60th floor of the GC

Personal Information

General Overview: Dolus has always been free to roam around the Earth. He left Olympus shortly after Ate fell to go find himself and cause some trouble. During the Renaissance Era, he found his love for art and has been pursuing it ever since. It helps him sooth the voices in his mind and keeps him distracted. Now that he has his friends back, he is back to his old ways of causing Chaos while running his Art Museum on the side.

Nicknames: Dole

Likes: Art, Painting, Classical Music, Games, and Dogs

Dislikes: Quietness, Laziness, Cocky People, Early Mornings.

Flaws / Weaknesses

Tongue Tied. Dolus is only able to speak in lies. This can be frustrating for him when he is wanting to tell someone the truth. Over time, he has learned how to cheat and tell half lies when trying to get his point across.

Rebellious. From a young age, Dolus has always rebelled against his superiors, doing things his family would find not appropriate. He has the urge to do things in a way that isn’t seen as acceptable and will usually go through with it.

Skills / Abilities

Immortality. Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections. As a deity, they are able to teleport, or "pop" anywhere in the mortal plane with a few exceptions, the God Floors of the GC HQ are mystically protected, so no teleporting to or in between them, anything on the non-mortal plane, i.e., the Underworld, Atlantis, and the Void, are non-accessible without a guide.

Mother Tongue:. As the bridge between the mortal world and the divine, they speak all languages mortals do, even the long dead ones.

Illusion. As the Prime of Trickery, Dolus makes you see what he wants you to see. This power was something he taught Atë when she was young, which is why she is also the goddess of Delusion.

A Way with Words. Dolus is able to sweet talk himself out of any situation when using this ability. His eyes will glow silver when using this ability, putting his victim under a trance. While they are under the trance, Dolus is able to convince them to allow him to escape or get his way.

Rabbit Out of the Hat. Creating things from clay is one of Dolus’s favourite things to do. He can use this to his advantage by creating objects from clay that will come to life for a short period of time to create mischief.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: When he is at home, Dolus will wear a spare shirt and black jeans while creating his art. Many of these clothing articles have stains on them from past art experiments.

Alternative Dress Wear: When going to a Art show or Gala, Dolus will wear black turtlenecks and black dress pants. He will wear whatever is in style for Artists to wear while out.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons


Historical Synopsis

DOLOS (Dolus) was the personified spirit (daimon) of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, treachery and guile. He was an apprentice of the Titan Prometheus and a companion of the Pseudologoi (Lies). His female counterpart was Apate, the spirit of deception.[1]