The Franklins, Part II

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“I see.” I turned to Mrs. Franklin, “What do you think is the root of your marital issues, Mrs. Franklin?”

She opened her mouth, but he answered for her. “I just told you what was wrong with her. What I need to hear now is how you’re going to fix her.”  Mrs. Franklin wrapped her arms around herself and brought her chin to her chest. My heart pounded in anger at the way he treated her, and I could feel my hands begin to shake.

“I don’t see anything wrong with your wife, Mr. Franklin, except for the fact that she’s married to you.”

Mrs. Franklin squeaked surprise and Mr. Franklin jumped up from the couch.

“I won’t let some bitch talk to me like that. The only reason we came to you is that you’re so highly recommended. I would have rather gone to see a man. Let’s go, Meredith!”

“Sit,” I commanded, barely raising my voice. Mr. Franklin’s body stopped in mid-motion and he awkwardly sat back down on the couch. “In this office, Mr. Franklin, this bitch is in charge and I didn’t say you could leave.”

Weaving my fingers together, I placed them on top of my knees and contemplated the couple. There was some very obvious damage done to the wife, and I was sure staying married to her husband wasn’t going to be healthy for any of us. 

“Mrs. Franklin, I think the best thing for the personal health and safety of you and your children is a divorce. I will set up an appointment with my sister, Demeter, who runs the law office on the eleventh floor. She will make sure that you come out ahead in the divorce so that you and your children are well provided for, and you’ll never have to set eyes on your husband again.”

Mrs. Franklin paled and just stared at me in shock, her mouth opening and closing as if trying to decide to make sounds that form a sentence or not.

“I won’t agree to it!” Mr. Franklin struggled to rise from the couch.

“I really don’t care what you do or do not agree to, Mr. Franklin, unless it has your family’s best interests at heart.”  I dismissed him. I probably shouldn’t have.

I walked over to Mrs. Franklin and took her hands, helping her up. “You will be well looked after, Mrs. Franklin. My sister is the best lawyer among the Gods.” 

I turned my back on Mr. Franklin to help his wife to the door. I had dismissed him. He was no longer of any importance. As Mrs. Franklin and I started walking towards the door, I heard him rise from the couch, and I smelled his anger at being dismissed.

I turned, pushing Mrs. Franklin behind me just as Mr. Franklin crossed the small space towards us, his fists raised. As he pulled his arm back to swing at me, I felt joy rushing through my body. Finally! Finally, I got a moment to let my vengeance out, and this time it was justified! Of course, it’s always justified to me, but it’s no longer just about me anymore. I have to follow the rules and support my husband.

I let a wicked smile spread across my face, and saw the confusion on Mr. Franklin’s face that I wasn’t cowering behind something like his wife. He was about to see the power of a vengeful Goddess, and didn’t that just make me want to laugh?

I shed my mortal visage and called down the lightning my husband was so famous for. As it seared its way through Mr. Franklin’s fragile mortal body, I heard his wife start screaming. The door burst open and Aphaid ran to Mrs. Franklin to try and console her.

I looked up and saw Zeus standing in the doorway, a smile on his face. “Oh, I’ve missed you, my love. Come, let me show you just how much.” He held his hand out for mine.

Walking out of my office, I looked over my shoulder to Aphaid. “Take her to Demeter and tell her what happened. She’ll know what to do.” And then I followed my heart wherever he wanted to take me.

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Hera (CJ Landry)

Hera (CJ Landry)

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