Moving Day

The facade looked just like my Parthenon. I could almost feel the breeze in my hair. Beyond the walls, terraced hills danced with my beloved olive trees. My eyes filled with tears. I had forgotten what it was like to be home. […]


The Awakening

I know you probably think it odd that a god or goddess should find anything of interest to learn from you mortals. But I’ve found that wisdom can come from anywhere. […]


Nox Opening Night

On the opening night of Nox, my new ultra-exclusive pop-up night club, all the stars went out. Gripping translucent invites in their hands, the chosen few could think of nothing else but attending the opening party. After all, those invitations had been dusted by stars and forged by my fates—for a mortal, one touch felt like destiny fulfilled. […]


Night at the Noxbury, Part 2

From the very moment I learned of a club, I wanted to go to it. This bizarre combination of carnal pleasures and chastity made it sound like an orgy with ones clothes on, and you did not disappoint. The moment I was through the doors, I knew I was in over my head, but I wasn’t going to back down. I hadn’t escaped from Tartarus to watch others have all the fun. […]