The Panathenaia, Part 2

Instantly, the cramped automotive walls with their neon piping slid away and Ares, Nike and I found ourselves nestled within the solid silver confines of Selene’s moon chariot. […]


Mocking Icarus, Part 2

She smirks. “I thought you wanted me to keep my mouth shut.” “Oh, just spill it. You clearly have something you want to say.” “Heph left a week ago for Crete. He hasn’t come back.” […]


Hera’s Bedtime Stories, Part 3

It said, ‘Your life is a lie…your woman plots against you…your ‘Mama Gee’ plots your demise as you sleep peacefully in your bed…you have to stop them before they succeed.’ […]


The Panathenaia, Part 1

“Me?” Zeus didn’t like accusations. The sky darkened. Thunder rolled. For a moment, I thought he’d rain out my field day. But I did not give him the pleasure of a reaction. I stood my ground and stared at him as lightning shook the air around us. […]


Olympia High

“What do you mean Principal Zeus?” I muttered under my breath. I walked over to the car, taking in my surroundings. Something was off. Things felt real, but not quite. I must be dreaming.


Leaving the Nest

I took the box from him and crossed over to the bed again. All eyes were on me as I took the lid off. Inside were things from the temple days and there was something I had thought I had lost so many eons ago. […]


Mocking Icarus, Part One

Moxie looked like I was saving her from torture. I assumed the Goddesses would get along pretty well if they all lived in Olympus, but that didn’t appear to be true. […]


Hera’s Bedtime Stories, Part II

Papaw Cronus didn’t know what was going on because he had already been hallucinating for weeks before this, so he thought Nana Rhea was just a hallucination, so he ignored her until he got hit between the eyes with a boulder. […]