The Trireme

Behind me, all around me, I hear my underwater family whispering, too. I also hear the Pearl. How long did Ted have this is his keeping? How long since my Oceanid went missing? […]


Nana Hera Saves the Day, Part 1

She smelled like a pine forest. She smelled like fresh fallen snow on a winter evening, like right after a rainstorm on a summer afternoon, like roses on their first day of bloom… […]


The Panathenaia, Part 1

“Me?” Zeus didn’t like accusations. The sky darkened. Thunder rolled. For a moment, I thought he’d rain out my field day. But I did not give him the pleasure of a reaction. I stood my ground and stared at him as lightning shook the air around us. […]


The Hunt Begins

Sayeh is definitely a misfit in this new world. The mortals and their new technology would make it difficult for Sayeh to be herself. This world is not going to accept her for who she is; they will want to capture her and “study” her. […]


The Journey Begins

A job! I groaned as I returned from a visit to dear old Dad at Mount Olympus. I should’ve known the moment he summoned me to the court that there was going to be some […]