Guilty Pleasures

Greetings, my darling sun walkers. I’m sure you’ve heard the mumbling and the groaning. Zeus has decreed that we the gods should get jobs!
Crazy, right?
And whilst I am not always on board with Zeus’ schemes, this one seems a treat.
I am utterly elated.
(Don’t tell the others, but you sweet mortals know already, right? You are my biggest guilty pleasure.)

A job is the perfect excuse for me to come down and spend some time with you, all of you (not just my darling twitterbug). I can spend days and nights in your company, no more cloaks and capes required. It’s going to be wonderful! I know the others lack enthusiasm, but I am delighted. It’s no secret I prefer the company of mortals – many of you will understand. You favour the company of puppies, after all.

So, I know you’re all desperate to know. What job is it the Moon takes? Well, at first I thought of fortune teller – it could work; I’ve certainly played the role before. But I’m no fortune cookie god, and most of you go mad on knowing the fates’ design, and that would really hamper my good feelings.

Then it came to me in a blaze of silver light. Taxi driver! Chauffeur extraordinaire, it’s perfect. I already drive my chariot across the sky, and I’ve been dying to get an upgrade.

So your sordid tales will be mine. Your highs, lows, holidays been and holidays to come. And best of all? I’ll be driving.

So buckle up, my beauties.
And tell me all your secrets.


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Selene (Giselle)

Selene (Giselle)

Selene (Giselle)

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Selene (Giselle)


    • Secrets- they have many. Hearts full of mischief, fantasy. Some trivial but some – oh they’d make you weep. The journeys these mayflies take are fascinating. When the time is right I’ll offer up these secrets and more. Till then we’re all learning.

  1. Selene:

    I’m trying to incorporate some mortal touches into my Panathenaea birthday celebration this month. Can I call upon you to ferry our VIPs from the gaming fields to Nox for the afterparty? On June 21 around 9pm?

    Pallas Athena

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