Girls’ Night Out, Part III – Along Came a Spider

On second thought, being “a fly on the wall” sounds like so much more fun. Hehehe…this is my first time EVER being on my own, and I’m quickly digging the freedom! Holy crap, look at that! Goddess Panacea is really talking to a bunch of spiders! 

Wait…what?? It’s really dark out here and at the same time, everything is lit up! Not only am I hearing the spiders, I see them! There are gobs of them surrounding my Goddess. She’s being so attentive and oddly curious. Where is this light coming from? Not that I really care, because this is super cool! 

The spider webs…well, they’re not like the webs built to catch insects. These are the single strands of string used to jump from tree to tree, and it seems a few of them were rather busy creating these webs of light. I feel like someone intrigued by the Aurora Borealis…oohhh  aahhh…hehehehe…I don’t know why that’s funny and it just is. 

Oh my goodness, I’m so distracted by what I see, I stopped listening! Focus…focus…hehehe…I’m having way too much fun…

“Mistress Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With Silver Bells, and Cockle
Shells, and so my garden

Who the heck is Mistress Mary? Don’t these spiders know they’re speaking with Goddess Panacea? I really need to pay attention, and now they’re asking her again!? 

I suddenly hear my Goddess ask them why they’re reciting this poem to her. 

“As it is, we overheard your concerns about what you described as a ‘mortal bandwagon’. We assumed you meant they primarily think and act in similar ways. We also picked up on the fact that you fear this mindset is hindering your teachings and ability to help them generate the universal remedy they need.” 

“But I still don’t understand the point of the poem.” 

“Is this your first time hearing it?” 

“Actually, yes.” 

“It’s said that Mistress Mary actually references the daughter of King Henry VIII, who also had a brief reign as Queen, although, not welcome. Mary opposed Henry’s beliefs, so much so, she devoted her time as queen to not only restoring Catholicism to England, but preventing a reversal. Unfortunately, her displays of religious persecutions gave her the nickname Bloody Mary. While this isn’t the most graceful example of contrary action, the poem itself is a beautiful example of what can be created when a person chooses to say or do the opposite.” 

“How so?” 

“Taken literally, the author asks about her garden, which unquestionably directs your mind to an idea of a garden. Next, he or she mentions silver bells and cockle shells, all of which sounds pleasant. The garden depicts England and the silver bells are believed to represent thumbscrews. We don’t want to go on with this, and hopeful that you get the point.” 

“I think so. Doing or saying the opposite leads to a different experience.” 

“Yes! Although, Queen Mary’s story is a bloody one, her opposition produced an experience her father’s subjects never had before. Again, we’re not saying this is the best example; just the perfect one.” 

“What makes it perfect?” 

“Because not only does it illustrate the experience of contrary action, it underscores intention. While Queen Mary was clear about what she wanted, her thoughts were on pain and suffering, which is exactly what she received.” 

“But how does this apply to me?” 

Knocking down a few web lights, I jumped through the trees shouting, “I know! I know the answer to this!” My Goddess looked up at me as the spiders scattered in all directions. 

“You know what?” 

“I know how this story applies to us! We’re here to teach mortals about Universal Healing; yet, they can’t hear us. I’ve worked really hard to immerse myself into their community, which is the opposite to what I would naturally do. Ordinarily, I would keep to myself, hoping someone would find me. The result of us ‘showing up’ has been pretty cool as we’re seeing some interest.” 

“Yes, but we’re only one person. ‘So we set an example…oh, wait a minute, I think I get it! Our unique complaint is about the ‘bandwagon mindset’. Somehow, we must empower the idea of contrary action.” 

“I wonder if they would even consider something like this? I mean, safety is an issue.” 

Goddess Panacea is now confused. 

“Think about it. Why would anyone align with a collective belief system?” 

“Safety. There is safety in numbers.” 

“That’s an illusion. Most people jump on a bandwagon because it eliminates judgment and confrontation. They stay on it because their own opinions and ideas are buried under the collective bullshit, which is designed to limit and control. In fact, opinions are stifled as critical thinking is considered heresy. This is why the mortal healthcare system is winning and the people are getting sicker.” 

“Wow! You’ve really learned quite a bit since returning to Olympus.” 

“I guess I have. Chalk it up to contrary action…hehehe…” 

This last giggle triggered a moment of silence for both of us. My Goddess and I are in awe of this revelation and apparently need some quiet time. The lights have dimmed and I’m feeling the need to move; so, without saying a word, I go for it and take off through the trees. Luckily, my eyes are adjusting to the darkness of the new moon, and I’m able to see a bit. There appears to be some kind of rock formation up ahead. I turn around to tell my Goddess and can’t get a word out. My mouth is open and silence is all I have to offer. It doesn’t really matter. We’re on the same path, and I can tell, she is seriously DEEP in thought. 

Without question, this is a new world for both of us and like all living things, we will adapt. I can only imagine how she must feel right now because I’m certainly overwhelmed. Mushrooms, laughing, terror, talking spiders, glowing webs, and now a new spin on helping people. “Yabba dabba doo…” 

Yup, I just said that…hehehe…at least I’m forming words again! And just in time for the Great Horned Owl sitting on the rock in front of me. 

“Who are you?” 

Where is my Goddess and why do we remain separate? 

Here’s to being connected … 


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  1. Love the fact that you and the goddess are connecting on a deeper level. It’s what I had intended those mushrooms to do. But honey, you need to sit down and breathe.

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