Some Like it Hot: The Sacrifice

“Would you like to grab another wine before we write our poems?” 

“Sure! But I must tell you, I have my Calaveras for you. Would you like to hear it?” 

“Panacea; you seriously already wrote yours?” 

“Well, yes and no. It’s in my head. Are you ready, or do you want me to write it out?” 

“No sense in writing it; let me hear it!” 

** When la muerta came knocking on her door, 
Gwen sought refuge under the floor. 
While patiently waiting for death to move on, 
She began scrolling Facebook, averting a yawn. 
When minutes turned to hours and hours turned to sleep,
Gwen never noticed the weight of the mete. **

“Oh wow, not bad! Are you sure you’ve never written one before? I must say, not a bad mix of creepy and humorous!” 

“That means a lot, thank you! Do you still need some time or…” 

“I definitely need a minute or two.” 

“Ok then. I’ll go shake a leg with a few skeletons…hahaha!” 

I have to admit, those Calaveras “things” are fun to write, although I think Gwen thinks too much and really needs to lighten up. Maybe… 

“Hey, Gwen? How about a marigold crown to get into the groove?” 

“Where the heck did you get that?” 

“I noticed them across the way and couldn’t resist! No ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration is complete without marigolds!” 


“So, put it on. It might help clear your head.” 

“Me not talking to you for a couple of minutes will help clear my head! Just kidding, and not really. Give me 5 minutes…ok?” 

“Alright, if you insist. I’ll be with the dancing sugar skulls!” 

“Do any of you mind if I join in?” 

“Not at all.” 


“Hello! Who are you?” 

“Sissy, from the restaurant.” 

“Oh, hey! I didn’t recognize you. I love your makeup!” 

“Thanks! Speaking of which, are you coming to my Halloween party tomorrow?” 

“We will be there.” 

“We? Who’s we?” 

“Me and Gwen; she works over at the coffee shop.” 

“Oh yeah! I didn’t realize you guys knew one another. Anyway…cool! I hope you both are coming in costume, just don’t tell me what you’re wearing! No…wait…tell me! What are you going to be?” 



“Don’t you know who she is?” 

“She? The name sounds familiar, but then again, not really.” 

“Well, good. Then I know you’ll be enchanted with what shows up.” 

“Wow! How mysterious! I can hardly wait!” 


“Would you excuse me a minute, Sissy? Gwen’s been working on a Calaveras, and I promised her I’d come back when she was ready.” 

“Sure, no problem. See you tomorrow at the party!” 

“Yeah! I’m glad I ran into you! See you at the party! Hey, Gwen, how did it go?” 

“Awesome! Check this out!” 

**Summoned to work here by Zeus, 
Panacea consistently has an excuse. 
Because she loves risas, and baila, and food, 
She’s always looking for something else to do. 
Today she chose to celebrate the Day of the Dead, 
Pretending to be La Catrina, it all went to her head. 
Drinking tequila and eating tamales, 
Panacea was truly feeling her jollies. 
Laying down for a tic, she shouts cheerio, 
Not realizing she is about to be the sacrificio.**

“That’s how you see me?” 

“It’s just a joke! Why are you upset? Yours didn’t bother me!” 

“I don’t know; maybe because you’ve been on me ever since we got here to ‘settle down’. I am sorry, but then, what’s wrong with living it up?” 

Panaceeeeaaa? What do you mean by ‘live it up’? Between statements like this and the fact that you are not hearing me, I am very concerned. We came here to work among the mortals, not get lost with them. Didn’t I hear you tell Gwen you wanted to hear from me? Panacea, you must try. 

“You know, Gwen, since moving to this area, I’ve had a great time, but THIS…this ‘Day of the Dead’ thing has brought me to life!” 

“Really? How?” 

“It’s reminded me that life is to be celebrated.” 

“Ok, but what about having a purpose?” 

“There is that. Mine is to teach ‘universal healing’.” 

“You? Now that’s funny! ‘Universal healing’…you?” 

“Again you mock me? I’ll prove it to you! From where I stand, play is essential to healing, and will not tolerate hypocrisy!” 

“Hypocrisy? Who’s being a hypocrite? I like to play! I also believe in balance which includes play. Just sayin’.” 

“Haven’t you heard the saying, ‘laughter is the best medicine’?” 

“Yes, but not when laughter is used to mask the upset. Sometimes, we have to work through the discomfort, not be controlled by the underlying emotions, and that’s all I see you doing! Nearly everything you’ve done these last few weeks has all been based on your state of mind. Forgive me, Panacea, but I’m officially worried about you!” 

Me too! Why are you ignoring me…your goddess aspect? We were summoned here to teach these people how to raise their frequency and ability to heal. These beliefs and behaviors are a big part of what’s at the root of their diseases and disorders, and now you’re in jeopardy. They need, heck, you need, leadership, not a playmate…Panacea?! Can you hear me? 

“I promise, there’s nothing to worry about, Gwen. I am truly sorry. Shall we go?” 

“Sure, but not because of you. I have work in the morning.” 

“Oops, I forgot. We also have to get ready for the Halloween party tomorrow night!” 

“Not tonight we’re not.” 

“Maybe you don’t want to, but I’m ready to be Circe. I think I’ll practice being her between now and the party. I swear, you won’t even know it’s me.” 

“Whatever you say, Panacea. I’m sure you’ll be the best Circe yet! But for now, I’m spent. You drive.” 

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Panacea (Tammy Davis)

Panacea (Tammy Davis)

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