Persephone’s Return

Demeter sits alone in her office late into the night. She’s come to find it a comfort to be held within the room’s confines. It feels safe, closing her off from the rest of the family. The time is coming. In only a few short days, she’ll have to stand by and watch her daughter descend into the depths of Hades.

She broods on the words decreed by her baby brother, Zeus. He’d made a public announcement that Persephone was to be handed over by Halloween. As a mother, she wanted to fight tooth and nail. However, as OA counsel, she knew she had to stand aside and allow Persephone to return.

As she sits and reflects in the dimly lit room, something in the reception area catches her attention.

No one sits outside the door
Yet creaks I hear across the floor
I hear them once, and then once more
I fear I’m not alone

Shadows dance from side to side
I can’t ignore them, though I’ve tried
“I’m not afraid,” I yelled but lied
And quiver to the bone

The handle moves without a sound
In fear’s embrace, I’m fully bound
My inner strength must soon be found
To face my silent foe

I hear the latch click past the frame
I summon the strength to do the same
My fear has now become a flame
Of what, I do not know

The door begins to swing within
I’m ready to face a toothy grin
Only to find, to my chagrin
Twas nothing to be seen

I did not dare let down my guard
I had to keep my senses hard
Yet on the floor, there lay a shard
Of something shaded green

I slowly crossed the room to see
The shard that lay in front of me
An ancient piece of Crete’s debris
With words just barely there

I knew full well the piece be true
Coming from the Crete I knew
It once had held my special brew
And placed in mortals care

The words appeared beneath the glaze
Etched within the earliest days
Then 4,000 years beneath the rays
Of Helios’ light

I manage to read the ancient quote
I hardly believe what had been wrote
My rage engulfs my drying throat
“Persephone returns tonight”

I stand erect with readied roar
Finding things are as before
Someone’s lightly closed the door
And I’d not heard a thing

I feel a draft within the room
Fighting against the growing gloom
My office will now become my tomb
Til Persephone’s return in spring.

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Demeter (Christine Graves)
Christine Graves is short story author, writing prompt master, research junkie and ancient history fanatic. She’s been writing online for over 20 years, having been published in both fiction and non-fiction. She’s been an avid history buff since childhood and knows more about the ancient world than the modern. Christine is also a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves to crochet, finds adult coloring pages relaxing and rides motorcycles with her husband. You can find out more about Christine at her blog Graves Publications or at her writing prompt publication, Enticing the Muse. Want to make her day? Follow her on Twitter. She’s a sucker for that. | Original God (OG) - Charter member of All in the Pantheon |
Demeter (Christine Graves)

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