Oops, I did it again…

Hello, my darling dew drops. I know you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to – so, when last we spoke it was one of my plans to become a taxi driver. So may I present you with my business name ~ cards coming soon ~
Luna Limos.

It has a nice ring, don’t you think? Graciously offered by the lovely Nyx, who never ceases to inspire.

Which brings me to the next point on this mad dash update. Nyx has opened a nightclub! Called Nox! Delightful, am I right? (We’re both embracing our Roman identities.)

So what does Nox have to do with me, you’re wondering? Well that brings me to today – and my little problem. And why I’m updating you all on the fly. I may have accidentally fallen for a human – again.

I know, I know, bad goddess.
But he’s so sweet.
How could I not?

Let’s start at the beginning;

Nyx phoned me, announcing her news and her inspiration – Lucifer! The show – and that gave me a glorious Idea.
I would hire a lookalike. A charming, dark-haired man devil, what a perfect club warming gift! Am I right?
I’m right.

So I pulled out my little internet box and started looking, and low and behold, I found him – Elliot Kemp. White teeth, cheeky grin. Lucifer impersonator. Perfect, I thought. I’d pick him up – take him to Nyx and we could both revel in the hell’a amusing human portrayal of an ethereal being. (Mind the pun.)

So, with everything booked here, is where our stories begin –

My mind is full and buzzing, delighted self-congratulating. I start reclining in the driver’s seat while I wait for Elliot, my Lucifer impersonator. (I brought my best car- freshly modernized from moon chariot to a ‘Lotus Evora’ classic black – Luna number plate. I might be showing off. But this car makes me feel bold.)

There’s a knock on the window pulling me from my reverie. I look up to see the back of a man, fully suited, shirt the colour of sangria. His clothes are smokin’ and it’s a great sign that I have chosen well. I roll down my window.

“Luna Limos.”

He leans down – way down. He’s over 6 feet tall. I find myself enjoying Nyx’s present more than I should, but I slide the feeling away and lick my lips. Allowing my eyes to take in every part of his gorgeous face, complete with designer stubble, glimmering white teeth, deep green eyes. All glorious, then I get to his midnight hair set with the smallest hint of a curl… Perfect for running fingers through, and I sigh internally.

“Hello, I’m the devil.” He smiles. It’s so cheeky I almost choke on my coffee but I regain my composure. He extends a hand through the window and we shake. His skin is cool; hands firm. He might just be the devil.
He fiddles with the door before I realize I’ve left it locked. Fumbling for the release, I apologize.
I haven’t been this flustered in years.

I gesture to the coffee I picked him up and swat the thoughts from my mind.
“So Mister-”

I giggle. Curse myself and hit the accelerator.

“I’ll be taking you to a club, my…sister’s… (I call her sister for mortal ease) Club – Nox. It’s in London. Brand new. Fabulous. In fact, the inspiration for your vocation was also the inspiration for hers, so I figured you would be the perfect treat.”
“For your sister?”
His voice gives away his disappointment, forcing my heart to flutter.

“And me.” The words slip out, linger in the air. So I hit the accelerator again.

Now we’re hurtling down the road at 90mph, it’s good – it keeps my mind honest. Watching the road means I can’t concentrate on the intoxicating scent coming off his skin. The smallest hint of cologne, but mostly it’s all him. Glorious. I consider opening a window when I hear sirens.


He laughs, you’d think he’d be concerned. I’m speeding for one, but he’s cool, gazing at me with those big green eyes like I can do no wrong.

“Aren’t you worried?” My question cuts a little, my voice more judgmental that I would have liked, where is my melody? The Serene sing-song like cool I usually exude?

“With a goddess like you at the wheel? Not a chance.”

I hit the brakes. Staring at him mouth open. “You know?”

“Everyone knows. Just look at you.”

I narrow my eyes – higher brain function kicking in. “And you’re the devil.”

“In the flesh.” He gestures to his body. It’s uncanny, really.
A tap on the window tears me from the moment – eyes rolling, I roll the window.


It’s a surly man – eyes squinting against the low light of a setting sun (I mentally thank my darling brother, Helios, for tormenting this wretched human, and make a note to buy him a biscotti in the morning.)

I comply with the human’s request, reaching for my bag tucked in the dash in front of Elliot – stroking his leg “accidentally”. The rush is superb. His eyes meet mine, tongue traces his bottom lip and I snap myself away. Handing the officer my information.

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

“Sorry, Officer, I don’t.”

He raises an eyebrow and I offer my most innocent face. Usually I’d pull out the charm, run my fingers over his arm. But I don’t want my new friend to see. So instead, I look as repentant as possible. Not easy for a goddess.
He makes some notes and threatens me – but since it’s my first offense and I am so apologetic, he cautions me. I take it on the chin. Promise to never speed again and inwardly vow to take it up later; no way am I keeping these points.

“This is your fault, you know.” My tone echoes only small amounts of frustration.
“Oh, I suppose the devil made you do it?”
“You bet he did.” I flash him my most winning smile and follow the signs into London.

Pulling up outside Nox, I have a pit in my stomach. I suddenly do not want to share at all. I look at him, toying with the idea of driving off. But I know if Nyx finds out, it’ll only make him more appealing. (Impossible, you’re thinking, and you might be right, but I really don’t want to make a game of this one.)
So I bite the bullet and decide to take him in, confront Nyx and pray she takes mercy on me.

“What do you desire?” His voice is smooth. Ripples over my skin till all my hairs stand on end. It’s been so long since I took human form, I’d forgotten how pleasing the sensations could be. Its almost enough to make me rethink my resolve.

I eye him. One of his hands has ventured to my thigh and he’s gazing at me with such intensity, I can feel my insides groaning. I bite my lip. Turn the full power of my gaze on him and watch him sigh.


“You read my mind.” He smiles, but I can see the disappointment on his face. It soothes my ego a little, so I grasp his hand and squeeze it encouragingly before we head inside.

So that’s where we are. Nyx is at the club, setting up opening night, and I’m building up the courage to head her off and beg her to take mercy on me. To allow me to keep this handsome devil. He’s not really Lucifer after all…

And I’ve been so lonely.

Desperately so.

So this is me saying till next time

C’est la vie.


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  1. Selene:

    What an interesting catch! Just don’t drink and drive. The mortals are very serious about prosecuting that & I don’t want you to face that humiliation.

    Pallas Athena

  2. Athena! Thank you for the concern, don’t worry Alcohol has no hold over me though the taste is interesting. I’ll be sure not to do it when i’m driving though. Just to be safe.

    Selene xoxoxox

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