Erato’s Misadventures – A Call to Action

“Boy, you need to stop talking this very minute,” I bellowed as I walked into the cell. It didn’t take much to get in, as the police were more than willing to escort me to Erato’s side. I could feel the impassioned energy in the air. The closer I got to the cell, the stronger it grew. Erato was leaking carnal euphoria all around him and I was in a room full of lustful men with guns. My, oh, my.

“Officer,” I said to the hungry-looking uniformed gentleman holding onto my arm, “I’d like some time with my client. Anything he’s said up to this point is inadmissible.” Though he’d let go of my arm, the look in his eyes screamed that he wasn’t done with me.

“You know, ma’am,” he said with a lustful gleam in his eye, “I could make an exception in his case, if you were to, say, step into one of the interrogation rooms with me for a bit.” I could feel the sexual energy emanating from every orifice of his body. The sweat beading on his forehead reeked of passion, and the front of his tight, uniform pants made it clear he was completely under Erato’s unwitting spell.

“Why now, Officer Creeger. I’m sure you’re well aware of the ramifications of trying to seduce your prisoner’s attorney. I’d hate to see you end up on the wrong side of those bars due to an overactive libido. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to be alone with my client.” I did all I could to appear calm, but Erato’s energy was taking its grasp on me as well and it was becoming hard to control my own lustful desires.

Officer Creeger licked his lips as he eyed me one last time, then he turned and left the cell. It seemed to be as hot as Hades in that room, especially when I turned and looked that boy in his eye. It was all I could do to keep from jumping on his beautiful body and having my way with him. Though the jailers had given him a pair of pants to cover his lower half, he was still naked on top. His chest glistened as he breathed and his defined abs begged to be touched.

I took a long, deep breath before I sat down next to him. I needed to keep my wits about me if I was to get him out of that cell. I had to think clearly, but it was getting harder by the minute. I was falling victim to Erato’s sensual emissions.

It took me the better part of two hours to get what details he could remember out of him. As he recounted bits and pieces, I could feel the rhythm of his tale. The hairs on the back of my neck stood at attention. My breasts became full and erect. My knees trembled, and I felt a dampness within my inner domain. His words made my heart beat faster, his breath caressed my blushing cheeks, and a brush of his fingers against my own caused a wave of tremors to course through my very being.

“Can you help me, Aunt Dem?” The look in his eye and the fragility in his voice caused an explosion inside me I hadn’t felt in eons.

“YES,” I screamed so loudly it jolted me out of my fantasy. He’d gotten to me and if he could do that, mortals wouldn’t stand a chance.

I jumped to my feet and ran for the bars. “Officer Creeger,” I yelled. In an instant, the jailer was again glaring at me with an animalistic expression. My heart was still racing and my palms left a moistened print on the bars. “I demand you release my client. Unless you have something substantial to charge him with, he’s done here.”

It took a little bewitching on my part to get it done quickly, but as the sun began to rise, I led Erato out of that jail.

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