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Hello again, my sweet little mortals. It’s been a bit since I last popped in, but so much has happened since we last met. It seems I won’t be as “on my own” as I had hoped when Baby Brother called us all back. I was hoping to just do my thing, hang with you mortals, play in the dirt, and grow a little something to make the world smile. But that’s all changed.

I was just getting my little diner all set up. I had some pretty curtains in the windows, flowers on all the tables, and was just getting ready to call up an all-organic supplier, when Baby Brother came walking through the door. Last I knew, he was out gallivanting around the world with another of his “assistants”. However, I could tell by the look on his face, this was serious.

He took a seat at the counter and just stared at me. I wouldn’t say it was fear, but he was very concerned about something. I poured him a cup of coffee, one for myself, and sat down next to him.

“What’s going on, Baby Brother?” I asked, not really wanting the answer.

“Sister, I need your help. As you know, Ares and Hephaestus are already at each other’s throats over Aphrodite. Hera’s talking about writing a tell-all book. We have a couple gods out there throwing their true selves around in the mortal world. This might not have been as good an idea as I had hoped.” Zeus dropped his head into his hands and just sighed. I hadn’t seen him this upset since he had to set Pegasus in the Heavens. I knew I was going to have to help my family.

“What can I do, honey?”

He looked up at me with those damn puppy dog eyes. “We need your council.”

“NO!” I cried defiantly. “I haven’t done that gig in eons and I have no intentions of starting back up now.”

I could see that little throbbing vein in his forehead begin to rise. I knew that meant his dander was rising, too.

“Damn it, Demeter. You ARE the goddess of sacred law, and we need you on the Mount before the rest of the family causes an international incident.” He turned away and took another sip of his coffee. I could tell he was trying to keep his cool. How could I say no to that face? Mama Rhea would never forgive me.

Zeus closed his eyes for just a moment, took a long, deep breath, then looked me dead in my eyes. “Demeter, I need…no, we all need your help. This is never going to work if you’re not on board as Divine Council. Please, Sister, help me help them.”

Baby Brother never says please. Well, not to me anyway. I looked around my cute little diner, saddened at the idea of leaving it behind before it was even off the ground. But, my family needed me and that’s when I made my decision.

“Alright, honey. Even though I haven’t practiced law since the Council of Nicea, and we all know how well that went, I’ll do it. However, I retain the right to open my diner at a later time if I so wish. Agreed?”

Zeus nodded his head, swallowed the last of his coffee, and got up from the counter. He gave me a quick hug and a wink, then headed for the door.

“Excuse me,” I shouted after him, “you plan on paying for that coffee?”

He turned and looked back at me, a silly grin on his face. “Now, my sweet sister, why would I do that? If you were a restaurant owner, I might. But you’re an OA attorney; consider it a write off. I’m sure I’ll be needing your services before long myself”.

With that, my baby brother walked out the door. Why, that little mama’s boy couldn’t even say thank you. So it looks like I’ll have to have some of those cute, little business cards made up. The Demeter Law Offices are officially open.

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Demeter (Christine Graves)
Christine Graves is short story author, writing prompt master, research junkie and ancient history fanatic. She’s been writing online for over 20 years, having been published in both fiction and non-fiction. She’s been an avid history buff since childhood and knows more about the ancient world than the modern. Christine is also a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves to crochet, finds adult coloring pages relaxing and rides motorcycles with her husband. You can find out more about Christine at her blog Graves Publications or at her writing prompt publication, Enticing the Muse. Want to make her day? Follow her on Twitter. She’s a sucker for that. | Original God (OG) - Charter member of All in the Pantheon |
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  1. Dear Aunt Demeter,

    Really? Sending me a bill for services not yet rendered, because you KNOW I’m going to need your help sooner or later? Have a little faith in me! I haven’t killed anyone this week…yet.

    Love, your favorite nephew,

  2. Aunt Demy:

    I’m excited you’re helping with divine council, but I hope that doesn’t mean Dem Eats is closing! I’m addicted to your blueberry pie!

    Pallas Athena

  3. This is welcome news – can we set up a retainer for Nox? Perhaps I can help you with a pop-up diner in the meantime so your soul isn’t too buried in books, and Athena can get her pie.

    *blows kiss*


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