“Some men will rob you with a six-gun—

Others rob you with a fountain pen.”

-Woody Guthrie

Stone cold. That’s how you have to be in my business. It isn’t easy to break it to your new hire that the world isn’t really ripe for the picking, but I take the whole ‘rip off the bandaid’ approach. Quick and painful, but that’s just how the world is. That is how it has always treated me.

I surround myself with people of deceit— snakes ready to strike for me at any moment. You will never see us coming until it is too late. We are the backstabbers who buy out your family land for half of its worth, feeding off of you when you need us most. 

I started off in the business of parking lots. There is nothing more satisfying than covering the earth with pavement, smooth and controlled, stretching on for miles. Nothing would make me happier than watching the whole world harden into neat rows scorching in the sun. 

We have expanded recently, beginning to dabble in commercial developments. Our specialties are shopping centers and malls. You know. The sorts of places that hire mall cops…

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Medusa (J.M. Keen)

Medusa (J.M. Keen)

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Medusa is portrayed by Ozarkian author and podcaster J.M. Keen. She is currently working on a middle-grade fantasy series which celebrates cultures from around the world. Be watching for her upcoming podcast Rough Country, which explores the outlaw society of the Ozarks.
Medusa (J.M. Keen)

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Medusa (J.M. Keen)


  1. Medusa:

    I’m really excited that you found satisfying work.

    That being said, I’m really concerned for your mental health. You seem to be a little … obsessed. Maybe it’s better for us to keep our distance if it makes you feel bad?

    But if you want to bury the hatchet and become friends again, I’d love that. Ruby Tuesdays has happy hour drink specials. Let me know if you’re around Olympic Mall, and we’ll grab some drinks — on me!

    Pallas Athena

  2. Oh hon… if you’re going to destroy the world, could you at least make the parking stalls a little nore spacious??

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