Can’t Think, Can’t Breathe, Part II

Welp…I’ve gone and done it; I asked her out to dinner with me. I don’t know what came over me in that moment. However, I’m glad that I did it. I guess I shouldn’t have worried about it. I mean, it’s me. Now I just need to make sure I don’t completely fuck it all up. She’s the most beautiful of the goddesses without a doubt, and perhaps maybe I can learn something from her, maybe I can understand that which she stands for. It’s perhaps a small hope, and perhaps futile, but I still wish for nothing more than to truly understand love. It’s foolish, a god who couldn’t understand a simple emotion…but that’s me, the stupid god…

So of course, one cannot simply go on a date with the goddess of love looking like a complete ruffian. I had to get all done up for the night. I knew she would love it. I’d spent almost ten full minutes coming up with the design. Which, while it may seem like a short time to a mortal, to a being of infinite eternity, who can comprehend a second infinitely, it’s an infinitely long time. I wore a deep indigo shirt, with a jacket made of a fine midnight silk. My slacks, a well-pressed black pair, were even and simple, with a slight sheen to the fabric. I, of course, had to wear some slight jewelry, nothing too flashy, something simple that would suit the look. A wristwatch made of a dark stained steel, a metal band on my left middle finger, and a wood and cord necklace, carved into a claw holding a pearl with a soft glow. It’s really an extremely rare piece; I took a small part of the sun to give this pearl a beauty beyond any other. I’m quite proud of it really.

The night came sooner than I would have thought possible. Perhaps it was simply my imagination, but time passed in an instant. I grinned to myself as the night began to play out in my imagination, a prophecy of what was to come. Sure, the prophecies aren’t perfect; my dear oracle could tell you as much. I could see her hair, her face, her clothes, but not her expression, I could see where she would want to go, I could see the route there, but not what to talk about along the way. Things were always up to me…but I guess that’s the way it should be. There has to be some excitement, or how could you love someone? Not that I would understand such a thing, it just sounds right.

A soft knocking came at the door followed by a quiet, younger voice, “Hello? Master Apollo?”

“Maeve,” I sighed softly and walked to the door, opening it for the young girl. “How may I help you?”

“My mother never came home last night…and I can’t get a hold of her…” Her mother was one of my bartenders, a pretty girl in her mid 30’s. She had always been one of my favorites, but sadly for her, the customers seemed to agree. My rules are only for in my building: the second anyone leaves, even an employee, they are no longer under my protection. So any number of things could happen. She could’ve gotten lost going home, there could’ve been an accident, or perhaps kidnapping. Leaving the Olympus building isn’t easy and quite an ordeal for mortals. I considered asking nymphs to act as employees, but with my history chasing after the beauties…well…my cheek wasn’t red from sunburn.

“This is the third time this month, Maeve. Please, your mother really needs to carry protective gear on her. I can give her a sun in a bag, not for free, of course, but if she gets attacked, she can blind them.”

“You know she would never do that! She wouldn’t hurt them!”

“And how is this my fault?”


“You seem to have the guts to go take on some petty criminal if you can yell at a god.”

“Just help find her.”

“Fine. She’s downstairs with one of the satyr waiters.” 

“Wait. Apollo. Repeat that please.”

I sigh softly, looking down at the young child. “She stayed here overnight to spend some time with one of the satyr waiters.” I take her hand as her shocked face seems to move to the rest of her body. I take her to the room and knock. “Sorry, Mennia, your daughter seems adamant to find you, and I don’t think stalling will work, seeing as I promised not to curse her back when I hired you. WHICH I REGRET.”

Without allowing a word in response, I spin on my heel and walk from the hall, and out the door of the amphitheatre, moving towards Aphrodite’s floor, only to hear Maeve screaming at her mother in the background. “I’m sure they’ll settle it before Mennia’s shift tonight.”

Finally, I found myself outside the front door to Aphrodite’s rooms, I knocked firmly on the door. “Are you ready, my dear goddess? It’s time!”

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