Atê’s Diary Entry III

Dear Diary,

I believe my boredom has caused a much larger issue than I anticipated. My wants, my needs…strong desires that I can no longer separate. Truth from fictions, fantasy from reality…and oh, how my mind wanders behind my chair. As each client comes into my shop to therapeutically complain about their frivolous lives, I seem to be off in my own world. Contemplating my next move, surveying when and where another victim might pop up.

Since the Wendy incident, Zeus has been adamant that I am not to return to the Pantheon. This has been easily resolved by Hephaestus and an extra key he “accidentally” sent to my shop. With Zeus on a business trip, I’ve made a point to visit and leave my mark on a few things. After a long day of work, I stopped in on Heph and Aphrodite in the midst of another fight. My poor brother…if only he could find a nice goddess that actually loved him back. Though he’s not exactly the most romantic god on that miserable mount. Regardless, Heph huffed out and left me in charge of the others for a short time. As my eyes enlarged at the thought of such power, I was able to help an old friend.

Offering to play hot potato with Zeus’ little black book, an old, familiar voice called out in response. A voice that has been lacking for some time under the heavy thumb of the Fates. Prometheus, the titan forever punished by my miserable father for his gift giving to the mortals, stood exhausted and withered in his daily misery. His trickery was always awe-inspiring to me, and as he begged to play a simple game, I offered him an olive branch. I freed him from his torture. I unchained the titan and welcomed his return. Wonder what dad will say about this? Wonder if I’ll care? And frankly, what no one knows is that I sent in a “23 and me” to find out if this guy is even my real dad. Would a real father subject his daughter to so much animosity? He CLAIMS to be my dad, but he’s never treated me like the others. Zeus may get angry at them, but he never kicked them off the mountain…twice. I will patiently await the results (sigh).

In my excitement, I nearly forgot I had two late night appointments: a bikini wax and a haircut. Returning to the shop, still high from my act of kindness and the simultaneous deceiving of that man who may be my father, I came in hot. Dancing along the checkered floor, I heard the chime of the bell at the door. The soft scuffs of footsteps came toward the back as I noticed her frame. I recalled the vision of her from the Pantheon party. Her red hair, her alluring smile penetrated over at Hades. As all my happiness faded, I realized that she was my bikini wax. I could tell my disdain showed on my face as the light left her eyes.

“Good evening, you must be my bikini wax,” I stated as I attempted to return to my sweet customer service persona.

“Yes,” she said sweetly with a coffee from next door in her hand and a glimmer of hope returning to her soft smile.

“Please change.” I handed her a robe and the disposable underwear.

She took them with a gracious nod as she went to the bathroom and my vengeful mind began to twist.

Could she be a sign? Would Hades remember her when he was called to retrieve her body? Either way, the thought of removing the light from her eyes completely made my lips spread apart into the brightest smile I’ve had in months. Switching the wax to an unbearable heat, I patiently waited for her to come out.

Coming out after a few minutes, she laid down on the bed and opened the bottom of her robe. I went through the state board certified questions and as small talk ensued, I dipped the stick into the hot wax, stirring it as steam blew off. Lifting the stick and placing the wax onto her skin, I heard an inaudible cry escape her.

“It burns,” she managed to spit out.

“Oh, darling, don’t you know it’s supposed to?” I smiled as I placed a muslin strip over the lavender colored film. As she looked upon me, a soft quiver coming from her lip, I reassured her mortal mind with my trickery. “Don’t worry, dear. This will only tear your flesh a bit…and when we’re done, you won’t recall a thing.”

Her eyes closed tightly as I folded the muslin to form a lip. A quick pull revealed the torn and twisted flesh beneath. Another slather, another strip, as I continued my act of revenge. And after a perfectly cleaned bikini line, I smiled as I heard the soft slip of her last breath. “Now, darling, the boys are really going to love you, aren’t they?”

As the words escaped me, the door dinged once more. “Atê, are you ready for me?” the soft chuckle of a middle-aged man came around the corner. Upon seeing the girl laid on the table, mangled and spread with lifelessness, the man’s eyes grew wide and my own mind grew frenzied.

Looking at the girl and then back at the man, I realized what I had to do. My own wide-eyed fear fell from me as I walked toward him. The scared mortal eyes lay paralyzed in place as I plunged my scissors into his abdomen. “Oh my. You really should have rescheduled.”

As his large body made a loud splat as it hit the ground, I let out a long sigh and looked around. I now had quite the mess to clean up. My body count continued to rise and I wondered if it would be worth it in the end. Do my grand gestures not affect Hades at all? And so begins yet another long week. Hopefully I’ll receive some good news shortly.

My heart grows weak.

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  1. Dammit, Atê. What a waste of a perfectly good red head. I planned to use that one again to score a free dinner with Ares. Now I have nothing to wear!

  2. Atë, we should chat. I’m in your debt. Give me a time and place to meet so I can repay your kindness.

  3. Oh Atê … the same hubris you’ve inspired in heroes is destined to take you down as well. This won’t end well. Seek help while you can, sister.

    Serious concerned about you,
    Pallas Athena

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