A Ripple Becomes a Wave

For years, I sat in a cave, hiding from the world. I couldn’t bear to watch another horrified glance freeze onto another shocked face. I tried other means first, of course. The snakes writhed through veils, exposing me to innocent bystanders. They drew curious glances into the temple, where I had thrown myself in pleading tears. Hiding away was the only way to keep the world safe from my curse. So, I found an island placed far away from people, and I retreated into the Earth. It is amazing the way history twists the memory of those who retreat, even when it is in the best interest of humanity. People are so easily swayed by those in power.

After just a brief time, the first puny egotist arrived, looking to take my power into his own hands with the slice of a sword. The statues of my adversaries accumulated, leading farther and farther into the cave as I struggled to escape the divine requests they were seeking to fulfil. The gods wanted to destroy me. I served as a constant reminder that even gods and goddesses make mistakes. These men, these ‘heroes’, were willing to do anything to gain power. They revealed to me the desperate nature of humanity, addressing me with hateful glares and obscene words.

At first, the treatment exacerbated the misery that I was feeling, but one can only anguish so much before deep grooves develop in the heart that wear away at any compassion or love they may have once had. I grew cold. I filled with hate. I thought of nothing other than revenge. That was the weakness that unraveled me.

Time, however, is a great teacher to those of us with the opportunity to endure. I have learned to stifle my fire into a slow burning ember. As I have settled into relative success on Earth, I have grown to realize that humanity, however, has not much changed. The same mistakes repeat themselves over and over, a wheel of archetypal behavior that just keeps turning. The weak are taken advantage of. The assholes continue to better themselves. The patriarchy runs the world. This has to change.

I have been watching a ripple spread through the stagnant cesspool of existence. Something is changing. People are waking up. They are beginning to listen to the other side and see that the truth has many angles, some of which are buried deep in denial. For the first time in a long time, I feel something resembling hope.

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Medusa (J.M. Keen)

Medusa (J.M. Keen)

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Medusa is portrayed by Ozarkian author and podcaster J.M. Keen. She is currently working on a middle-grade fantasy series which celebrates cultures from around the world. Be watching for her upcoming podcast Rough Country, which explores the outlaw society of the Ozarks.
Medusa (J.M. Keen)

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Medusa (J.M. Keen)

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  1. Medusa:

    I’m so glad you’re back. I know that you’re still angry with me. You have every right to be.

    If you feel like you can, I’d like to talk. Are you staying at the OA Building? I’m on the 23rd floor… Stop by anytime.

    Pallas Athena

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