Welcome to Olympus!

Welcome to the new altar for the old Gods.

You’re probably wondering what you stumbled upon. Fear not mortal, the Gods will protect you as long as you hold them in esteem and submit suitable sacrifices.

Zeus has sat upon his throne for millennia and watched you mortals abuse and take advantage of the gifts the Gods have given you. We sat silent when you ignored our guidance. We waited with patience not normally attributed to us to see how you mortals would fare. We can be silent no longer.

It has been too long since you listened to the Gods and your ears are now closed to our words. So Zeus, in his infinite wisdom, decreed that in order to save you we must become relevant again.

How do the old Gods become relevant in the modern world, you ask? We get jobs.

What kind of job does a God get? Offer up another sacrifice of your time and find out what your favorite God is up to.

Experience the drama, ask questions, live the mayhem. We’ve got it all, and if we don’t we’ll fix that!

To get started, check out the link up top for Gods, Goddesses, and Muses and read their bios.

Do you have a suggestion for the Gods? Drop it into Pandora’s Box.

(If you’d like to be a contributor for a God, Goddess, or Muse we don’t already have listed, click that Contact the Gods link up top and let us know! You’re just a short interview away from being a God, Goddess, or Muse!)

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