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Clio is the muse of history and the goddess of the soul, scribed and voiced by Alice Callisto.

Muse of History and Goddess of the Soul

Know Your Muse

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Color: Natural brown hair. Her hair is always in a messy bun.

Facial Hair: N/A

Eyes: Used to be big brown eyes that glow when she is reciting history, but since her memories of being Psyche returned, they have changed to a kaleidoscope of different colors. When using her abilities, they glow only one color. The color depends on the ability she is using.

Distinguishing Features: Clio has iridescent, fairy like wings which returned to her when her memories did.


Parents: Zeus and Mnemosyne

Siblings: Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania

Spouse: Eros

Children: Hedone


Clio works in the history of Greece museum in the God Complex during the day, and at night, she runs a study session for history students. At the museum, Clio is one of the archivists there. She safeguards records by creating film and digital copies, finds and acquires new materials for their archives, preserves and maintains documents and objects, and much more. During the day, people can get tours, explore the museum and attend history sessions.


Clio used to live on the 34th Floor of the GC HQ, now she lives on the 69th Floor with her husband, Eros, and her daughter, Hedone. Clio also has a small bedroom and kitchen set up in the back of her office at the museum, where she stays during long nights.

Personal Information

General Overview: Clio is normally a very happy girl who enjoys spending her time looking over history notes and spending time in her museum. She gets anxious when things go wrong, but usually has some hot chocolate to help her feel better. When interacting with her sisters, Clio is as confident as could be, but when interacting with the other gods, she will stutter and get anxious. With mortals, Clio doesn’t get nervous or excited. When they speak to her, it is usually something history related and when that happens, she recites what she knows, then goes on her way. When speaking to Clio, one will think she is an introvert, but after a while, one will see how passionate she is about history and think she is a total nerd. At work, Clio hopes to help others with remembering history so that no one repeats it.

In recent events, it was discovered that Clio is not only the Muse of History but she is also the Goddess of the Soul, Psyche. She is the wife of Eros and has a daughter named Hedone who she is still trying to create a bond with.

Likes: Reading, going for a walk, drinking coffee, oversized clothing, animals, and kisses from her husband.

Dislikes: Cleaning dishes, large social engagements (when she is hosting a session of history she loves it though), live bugs, and loud noises


Self Confidence. Clio is not very confident in herself, and is slowly learning how to be; however, this sometimes affects her relationships with others, almost as if she expects them to up and leave her.

Mine. Clio has a significant jealous streak where Eros is concerned. When triggered, Clio becomes fiercely protective of her territory, sometimes in irrational ways.

Fear of Failure. Clio has a deep feeling that she failed her husband and daughter by not fighting hard for them, but not finding them sooner. As a result, she will act irrationally to prove her independence and strength at times, even going as far as putting herself in deliberate danger to do so.

Stubborn to a Fault. When Clio plants her feet on an issue, they are immoveable. If Clio realizes she is in the wrong, she will admit to it and apologize, but it will take a while, especially if the person is Eros.

Power Drain. It's hard to see the trauma of another's past, to have all of history crammed through your head, use of any of Clio's powers result in a severe power drain, especially if used in succession. Clio will often experience nose bleeds from overexertion, nightmares from the trauma of others, and even passing out.


Immortality. Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections. As a deity, they are able to teleport, or "pop" anywhere in the mortal plane with a few exceptions, the God Floors of the GC HQ are mystically protected, so no teleporting to or in between them, anything on the non-mortal plane, i.e., the Underworld, Atlantis, and the Void, are non-accessible without a guide.

Mother Tongue. As the bridge between the mortal world and the divine, they speak all languages mortals do, even the long dead ones. She uses this ability on a daily basis when examining new scrolls or artifacts that are in a different language.

Psychometry. Clio can sometimes tell the history of an item through touch. Who has held it, where it has been, what it has gone through, and who it belongs to. The longer time has passed the fainter the signature, Clio uses this ability to help with acquisitions for her museum. When using this ability, Clio’s eyes will glow green.

Clairvoyance. Clio is able to gain information about someone’s past by looking at them in the eye and only in the eye. If someone avoids eye contact with her, she cannot see their past. Clio’s ethics demand that she ask permission before delving in the minds of others. Though Clio can peruse the mind of a mortal without their permission, when it comes to immortals, the gods can resist her power and block her from seeing their memories through use of willpower. If the god Clio seeks to read is inebriated, enchanted, drugged, in a heightened state of stress or emotion, it is easier for Clio to overcome that resistance, although her ethics keep her from doing this unless absolutely necessary. When using this ability, Clio’s eyes will glow brown.

Soul Retrieval. Clio has the ability to restore memories to those who have lost them by removing barriers in the mind and restoring the natural flow of memories when they have been dammed up. This process acquaints the person whose memories are restored with the full experience of their existence. When using this ability, Clio’s eyes glow yellow.

Aura Vision. With the return of her memories of Psyche, Clio’s ability of seeing others Aura has returned. She is able to see the different auras of mortals or immortals. She is still learning how to interpret what she sees. When using this ability, Clio’s eyes glow blue.

Personal Attire

Normal Daily Wear: During the day, Clio can be found wearing oversized knitted sweaters and black leggings. Her favourite colours to wear are pink, blue, and purple. At work, she will dress more professionally, but still stick to comfort. For example, she will wear a nice loose-fitted shirt with a cardigan. Clio also has oversized round glasses that she wears every day.

Alternative Dress Wear: While at home, Clio will wear shorts and one of her favorite shirts that usually includes a dragon on it. She also enjoys wearing Eros’s shirts when lounging around the house.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Master Key: The key to the library. It is used as a necklace so she will never lose it.

Historic Glasses: These glasses can show Clio history events as if she is present when it happened.

Stuffed Llama: Nothing magical about it. Clio just loves her stuffed Llama.

Historical Synopsis

Clio was born into the world to be the proclaimer and the muse of history. The muses were brought to life by Zeus and Mnemosyne to celebrate the win over the Titans’ defeat. Their storytelling and dances brought happiness and joy to those who had suffered during such a horrible time. During this time, Apollo was their teacher and taught them many life lessons that Clio values to this day.

After things settled down and life moved on, Clio continued to sing and dance with her sisters. Together, they inspired the people of Greece to create their own stories, songs, and dances. On her own, Clio inspired people to make their own history and choose their own paths. She encouraged people to understand their history so they wouldn’t repeat it again.

While the other gods and goddesses took on lovers, Clio remained single and focused on protecting history, so generations could gain the knowledge their ancestors did not have access to.[1]

Introduction written by Alice Callisto

Pushing my glasses from the tip of my nose to the bridge, I sigh quietly. The job-hunting had not been going very well and I was stumped on what to do next. I had already tried applying at jobs in the most exquisite museums in the world, but apparently, my knowledge of history was too “confusing” for them. How could they not know that the Greek Gods invented the idea of indoor plumbing before it became popular? Apparently, there is no evidence of this theory, but it is true! Where are they getting their history from? The ground? Old scrolls that they could barely understand?

I snort, slamming my head against the cool mahogany table. Getting a job was going to be impossible. I prefer to be alone with my books with no one except myself to bother me. The idea of Zeus doing this to us still confuses me, but I would just have to deal with it. What else was I going to do? Sit here until the boss man comes in here and yells at me for doing nothing?

Picking up the newspaper in front of me, I run over to the fireplace and toss it in the flames. I watch it burn for a while before an idea comes to me.

“What if I open my own museum?” I question myself out loud.

I stand up and run into my bedroom, flying onto the bed. I crash into my millions of pillows and giggle with excitement. Sitting up, I reach over to my side table and grab my laptop. Luckily, I am quick at typing, and soon I have at least ten tabs open with information on how to make my own museum. My endless notebook on my right has now becoming filled with notes and ideas of how the museum would work.

After all my hard work, I looked at how much it would cost to start up the museum. My heart stops and my jaw drops. The amount of money was something I definitely didn’t have in my bank account. I drum my fingers on my laptop, trying to solve my problem. How would I get all this money? Where could I get all this money? My anxiety starts to build up, and my hopes on starting my own museum starts to fade.

Then suddenly, the idea pops in my head. But would it work? My father Zeus, would he loan me the money to start this up? I mean he did tell us to go get a job, but what if I make one? My museum would be very beneficial to everyone who visits. I would teach everyone what happened in the past and how not to repeat it. Isn’t that beneficial to our survival?

After much thought, I stand up slowly from my bed. My nerves start to eat away my insides as I walk to my front door. The only way I would be able to find out if this is possible is to speak to him, and that is what I am going to do. I look back at my stuffed llama, who is staring at me from my bed.

“Wish me luck, little guy,” I say before I leave my apartment room.