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Dionysos is the god of wine and ritual madness, and is currently voiced by Peter Farmer.


Physical Appearance

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 210 lbs

Hair Color: Black/Gray/White

Facial Hair: Medium to Long beard, same as hair color

Eyes: Varied, but mostly dark brown toward black

Distinguishing Features: Numerous tattoos


Parents: Zeus and Semele

Siblings: Half brothers/sisters only

Spouse: Ariadne (Deceased)


Divine Offspring- Hymenaios, Iakkhos, Kharites, Methem Pasithea, Pan, Priapos, Sabazios, Telete, Thysa

Mortal Offspring- Deianeira, Eurymedon, Keramos, Maron, Narkaios, Oinopion, Peparethos, Phanos, Phliasos (Phlias), Staphylos, Thoas


Dionysos owns a series of vineyards all across the globe, making for the first true multinational wine label, as well as dozens of smaller independent companies of wine and other spirits

Thinking of opening a “wine” club in the God Complex HQ. If possible, on the 55th floor. The space will be used primarily as a premiere wine and spirit tasting club (name TBD) for members only, but it will also


Current residence: 5th Floor of the God complex HQ.

Other residences: Patra, Krete, Bordeaux France, Montalcino Italy, Mendoza Argentina, Casablanca Valley Chile, Yarra Valley Australia, and Constantia south Africa and a few others.

Personal Information

General Overview: Dionysos is the god of Wine, Vegetation, Festivity, and Madness. Even though he chooses not to show it often, he has a good grasp of modern things. He has walked the earth many times over as one of the few if not the only Olympians that stayed behind to roam the earth among humans.

Deity Nicknames: To fellow immortals of the Pantheon, he is ok with Dion. Same with friends. Outside of that, he is known as Liber, Bacchus, Twice-born or even Wine God, or Mad God

Likes: Honesty and openness is very important, and that is a big reason why drinking wine lowers inhibitions and removes filters. Dion says what he thinks and has very few inhibitions, and he prefers it that way... good or bad.

Dislikes: Tricksters, liars, boasters and bullies.

Flaws / Weakness

Boiling Madness. Although immune to emotion manipulation of others, the madness in Dionysos’ head is always on the forefront. Even though there will be lucid and clear moments, Dionysos has to constantly fight his madness. That will at times cause some awkward moments, slow cognisance, trouble communicating, delusions, or even a momentary loss of function.

Wanderlust. Dionysos’ restless mind spill over to his body and makes it difficult for him to stay still and anchored to one place for very long. As a result, Dionysos is in and out a great deal, checking on his vineyards, returning, then leaving again.

Burnout. Dionysos has the stamina of most other immortals, however, his madness takes its toll. Every so often, Dionysos reaches a point of burnout and mental exhaustion that spreads into the physical. When he reaches this tipping point, his eyes turn a pale gold, like the color of ripe grapes in the sun. When this happens, he must immediately seek rest because he will fall unconscious within the hour. During this period of time before the burnout, however, the madness ebbs and quiets, allowing for extreme clarity and calm. Once he falls asleep, he will be unconscious for a full 24 hours. However, the madness returns upon waking.

Skills / Abilities

Immortality. Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections. As a deity, they are able to teleport, or "pop" anywhere in the mortal plane with a few exceptions, the God Floors of the GC HQ are mystically protected, so no teleporting to or in between them, anything on the non-mortal plane, i.e., the Underworld, Atlantis, and the Void, are non-accessible without a guide.

Babble-speak. Can communicate in all languages and dialects.

Limited Teleportation. Dionysos is extremely connected to the land that yields his vines. Due to this strong bond with the physical plane, his ability to teleport is lessened, being more “grounded” in the physical realm than most of his fellow immortals. Teleportation is still possible, but anything over 1000km takes a mental and physical toll. He can summon animals to him to assist with travel when needed. This process is also limited by chance. Every now and then, the summoning will be unsuccessful and some time needs to pass before trying again.

Extreme Tolerance. Dionysos is immune to the effects from anything imbibed. Potions, filters, elixirs, and other altering liquids have no effect on Dionysos unless he willingly agrees to be influenced by them before the fact. Dionysos carries a flash with him at all times (see Magical Artifacts, below). One of the liquids that can manifest in the flask are the Waters of Kissousa, the spring in which Dionysos was bathed as a child. If he adds a splash of these waters to any liquid - in essence, watering it down - the God of Wine becomes susceptible to its influences.

Emotion Control. Dionysos can manipulate the emotions of others within earshot, spiking or soothing existing emotions or even reversing them. Dionysos can throw his voice up to 60 feet. The sound of his voice, regardless of the words being spoken, carry the subliminal command that can cause joy, anger, madness, excitement, or other emotions. For a sober mortal, the effect lasts for six minutes. If the mortal is under the influence of alcohol, the effect (or Dionysos’ control) lasts until they are sober again. Immortals can also be affected, however, they will be aware of Dionysos’ attempts to manipulate if they are sober. If they are under the influence of normal alcohol, they will also be aware of the attempt. If, however, they are drunk on ambrosia, the effect is the same as mortals under Dionysos’ sway.

Moving Target. Dionysos’ madness works in his favor as there are too many voices in his head for anyone to isolate just one long enough to affect his emotions. As such, this power serves as immunity from emotional manipulation as well. Clubs and Spades - Although not a fighter by trait, Dionysos has excellent proficiency in use of most blades and staves that he has gained from living closely among mortals, who are violent creatures.

Do That Again. Dionysos is a master of sleight of hand and party tricks for the purpose of entertainment and delight.


Normal Daily Wear: Comfortwear… flannel and more flannel. Cargo shorts, sandals, and sometimes a hat of some sort. For business he can break out a suit but it will not be worn for too long. Comfort matters more than looks.

Alternate Wear: Depending on the level of madness, you might just catch Dionysos in a pirate outfit, a full knight armor, or a Victorian jacket, capri pants, stockings, heeled shoes and a powdered wig… or even worse; Speedos

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Thyrsos. The thyrsos is a staff adorned with a pine-cone. The look of the pine-cone varies according to the season, from fully closed and green, to fully open, black and ashen. It is bound to Dionysos, and anyone that tries to pick it up or use it without permission will find it dematerializing. Similarly, it will materialize in Dionysos’ hand as soon as he reaches for it. It can never be forcibly taken away from him since it will re-materialize in his hand at will. Other than that, and the ability to be used as a war staff, the thyrsos is like a conduit for Dionysos. When called upon to really use his powers (for example, in long-range Emotion Control), the thyrsos becomes a focus.

Flask (used to be a drinking cup, kantharos). Dionysos always carries a flask with him. Its contents are always secretive and always changing, but they always seem to be exactly what the situation calls for, and it never empties. It is an extension of his knowledge of wine making, brewing and distilling. It can contain minor tonics, potions, elixirs and droughts, but at a very mundane level like helping with a headache, minor ailments and healing properties, etc.

Waters of Kissousa. One liquid that can be contained in the flask are the Waters of Kissousa, which is the spring in which he was bathed by the Nymphs of Nysa as a child. These waters added to any drink allow Dionysos to be affected by the altering properties of whatever he is imbibing. Should anyone drink from a cup that has liquid mixed with the Waters of Kissousa, the effect will be exponential to them, the waters amplifying the effects of the liquid ten-fold.

Historical Synopsis

Dionysos is the Olympian god of wine, vegetation, pleasure, festivity, madness and wild frenzy. He was depicted as either an older, bearded god or an effeminate, long-haired youth. His attributes included the thyrsos, a drinking cup and a crown of ivy. He is the son of Zeus and the princess Semele of Thebes which was consumed by the heat of his lightning-bolts. Zeus recovered their unborn child from her body, sewed him up in his own thigh, and carried him to term. Even though man turned their back on The Pantheon, they never stopped loving wine and festivity, and that was enough of a pull for Dionysos to remain behind and walk the earth through the years.[1]


I didn’t want to, but I eventually decided to open one eye, and then the other, and then looked around in the dusty tomb. I sat up slowly, trying to shake the cobwebs from my mind, then stretched languidly with a big groan. “Ohhhh, my head,” I said to myself just to be sure I could still talk. “I don’t know who, but someone definitely spiked the punch last night.” Donning my sandals and reaching for my thyrsos, I walked over to the table, picked up my ivy crown, and placed it on my head crookedly. Who cares about isometry, after all? Not me. Looking around, I let out a soft laugh that turned into a cackle in the next breath and eventually died into a cough.

I made my way outside to the narrow street and took a few steps before a lot of yelling was directed my way, followed by a trumpeting bellow. Turning, I had barely enough time to side-step the laden elephant lumbering down the street. “Oh great,” I said out loud, adding an eye-roll, “I must be in India again. No wonder the bike lanes are on the wrong side of the street. Leave it to me to get plastered in a place where the only alcohol they sell is the rubbing kind.” I laughed heartily at my own joke until I ran out of breath and then leaned heavily on my thyrsos.

Slowly—every step took me closer to the edge of the village—and a few more steps after that led me into the woods. Once safe in the darkness of the forest, I swayed for a few seconds and thudded my thyrsos against the ground three times. I waited with my eyes closed, quiet and unmoving. A few minutes passed when suddenly everything around me went quiet. There was no more chirping and no more rustling about. Another silent moment passed before the reason for the hush announced itself with a low but powerful growl.

Opening one eye, and then the other, I smiled broadly and did a little jig at the massive male panther standing in front of me. He gave me a bored look, licking his maw. Looking the huge beautiful cat in the eyes, I made a circular motion with my index finger, pointing down. The large beast gave me a look, and I swore he rolled its eyes at me! A few seconds passed before the panther gave up with a snort and turned his back.

“You better turn around…” I returned the panther’s snort and reached out to scratch behind his ears. Heaving a leg over his back, I slid down close to his haunches, getting comfortable. I leaned forward a bit and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. “To the airport, Jeeves,” I said with a chortle, “I have family that isn’t expecting me.”

The panther rolled his eyes at me for real this time, but I ignored the gesture. Moving along with the gait of the beast, I closed my eyes, trusting the cat’s sense of direction. I thought back on times of old...times of very old. The call of Olympus had not reached out to me for a long time…until recently. I couldn’t guess at what this calling I had felt the past months was all about. All I knew was that I had avoided it long enough, and it had gotten to the point where it was drowning all the other voices in my head.

When I opened my eyes, I was already standing where I wanted to be standing: in front of one of the many sliding-door entrances to the airport. I walked in with a mumble, leaning on my thyrsos, and made my way to the kiosk. I stared the tired-looking employee in the eyes. “I would like one ticket to Athens, please. Yes, the original one. None of the copies they made ages later. And of course, I want it to be first class. That’s where you get wine for free, isn’t it? Tell them to stock up on extra bottles of red. What’s that? Name? Dionysos. Yes, like the god. Last name? Don’t have one. I’m like…Cher, but prettier. No. What makes you think I was kidding? Do you take a check?”