Truth and Taser Guns

I could not shake my dear sister Nike’s warning from my mind. “Be careful what you wish for,” she cautioned me. Did I imagine it, or was she scared of something? It was hard to tell in Nox’s dim lighting, but I could see enough of her eyes to tell my desire frightened her. What could be frightening about a daughter’s wish to know her mother? It feels like that’s the most natural impulse in the world. Why doesn’t she want me to ask about Metis?

I’ve tried to corner Nike to ask, but she’s been avoiding me. So I invented a social excuse she can’t turn down: a housewarming party on my floor in a few days. Everyone in the Olympic Administrative Building is invited. She can’t say no. I’ll have my answer then, if I have to pin her down and tickle it out of her.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to occupy my mind by applying myself to work. I’m wise enough to know that you don’t solve a problem by worrying over it. Sometimes the best option is to walk away, gain a new perspective, and let the answers come to you.

Working security at Olympic Mall is perfect diversion for that. I spend my days scooting around on the Segway, stopping petty crime, sharing hot dogs with Mr. Hoots, and teaching juvenile delinquents that there are more options than they ever believed possible. It’s a fairly mindless, physically satisfying, and emotionally vacuous job.

Every once in a while, I’ll scoot past a barbecue grill and wonder why my brother Hephaestus left us. Or I’ll see a T-shirt emblazoned with a cartoon devil and I’ll laugh, thinking of Uncle Hades and that ridiculous “Don’t Panic” towel he gave me. I can’t pass by the waxing salon without wondering if Âte is really gone for good or simply in hiding. Even the tarot card reader reminds me of how much I miss my godfather Prometheus. 

Right now, there are so many questions without answers. Or rather, so many answers waiting to be discovered. I try to have patience and listen for the truth. But that never gets easier. I am my father’s daughter, and Zeus is probably the least patient of all gods. Maybe patience was a gift I inherited from my mother? I wish I knew.

At least Pro is talking to us again. He’s started to join in our group Skypes, although he still won’t tell us where he’s staying. I think Nike and I have finally convinced him to come out to the housewarming party. It’s going to be a potluck…because I’m no domestic goddess (natch). I told Pro to summon me if he needs my help. I hope he remembers how. 

If he does come, I can disguise him so he appears to be someone else. Dad completely ignores old men, boring goddesses like Hebe, and buzzkills like Echo. Secretly, I really hope Pro goes as Echo. I think it would be hilarious. 

Imagine it: Dad says, “Hi! Who are you?”

Echo replies, “Hi! Who are you?”

Dad says, “That’s what I said.”

Echo replies, “That’s what I said.”

Dad gives up, “Oh, forget it.”

Echo replies, “Oh, forget it.” And then Pro’s free to enjoy the rest of the party. Or…Zeus might smite him. To be honest, it could go either way. Maybe he’d be safer as Nestor.

A new shop opened in the mall. It’s called the “The Balance Hut.” They don’t sell a lot of clothes, but people are always going in and out. Through the front window, you can see clusters of them all moving as individuals, yet together. They breathe and bend into impossible positions. As I was rolling by one day, I heard a woman in pastel stretch pants coaching a group into a “Warrior Pose.” I’m not sure what that is or why they’re doing it, but I want to check it out. Everyone who goes in The Balance Hut looks happy. And no one leaving ever causes a disturbance. 

I wish I could say that about the other mall establishments. If I ever get bored, I just Segway out to the parking lot and wait fifteen minutes. Between angsty drivers trying to park, gangs protecting their turf, and drunks stumbling out of TGIF, there’s plenty of property to save and people to taze. 

Oh, thinking about taser guns makes me miss Hephy even more. He got such a kick out of my Segway. I wish I could show him how to taze people. It’s no thunderbolt, but it does deliver a satisfyingly shocking mortal takedown. It’s like smiting, but without the scorched earth and instant oblivion. It’s more like “smite lite.” 

Ooooo…I wonder what it would do to a god? My brothers better watch out…mwahahahahaha!

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Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

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Kristi Casey Sanders is thrilled to give voice to Athena. Like the goddess of war and wisdom, Kristi lives a dual existence: Mother/business strategist by day and novelist during all those hours when she should be sleeping. She’s published history and business books, and has just completed her second sci-fi novel. In a past life, she helped found a rugby football club in New York City, got paid to perform improv comedy in Amsterdam, and broke the hearts of now-famous men. She’s a supporter of the #WritingCommunity and a frequent #vss365 contributor. Never give up. Never stop fighting. #YouGotThis
Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)
Athena (Kristi Casey Sanders)

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