Oceanus is a great, fresh-water system which encircles all of the Underworld. This subterranean aquifer feeds all of the earth’s fresh-water – from the rivers and springs, to the clouds, which appear to dip below the horizon to collect moisture from its stream.

Beyond Oceanus lays a dark and misty shore which marks the farthest edge of the Underworld. Only the deities of the Underworld may pass through this misty barrier without effort. Humans and other divine entities will find themselves blocked from entry by this magical border.  

If one can penetrate the misty barrier and make the arduous journey across Oceanus, they will be greeted by a very imposing site, the Triple Wall of Bronze. Although, it is suspected there are numerous other entrances throughout the region built by unknown entities. The only guaranteed path through the walls are the Gate of Horn and Ivory, Gate of Dusk, Gate of Shades, or the Gate of Dawn.

Depending on the visitors approach, they will find themselves in the Oneiroi, the Sulfur Springs Resort & Spa, the Land of Hecate, or Elysium. More than likely, they will have to cross one or more rivers that snake through the Underworld to get from one point to another, which may be a problem, because the rivers are generally impassable.

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