The Night’s Homecoming: Sometimes, The Wicked Rest

My mouth felt drenched with the taste of Dinlas. He reminded me of steel and smoke and dark velvet chocolate, and I tried to tamp down the feeling of his fingers over my wings as we headed back towards the bonfire, observing the state of things. I could see the limbo bar had been hijacked and was now being used as a substitute cane for Lord Hades. Gaia and Selene were sitting in the shadows, leaning against one another and watching the remainder of the family either dancing, going for another drink, or snacking on a platter of food. There was hardly a mess to clean up, and nothing that Alex and Golly couldn’t assist me with later, if they didn’t beat me to it first. We were of the same mind that there should be nothing left behind that wasn’t there before, and I know Gaia appreciated it.

I was immensely pleased at the turn-out, and that we had all managed to just enjoy ourselves this evening. My worries of drunken fights and catastrophic arguments were all for nothing, and I was all the more happy to be wrong in this case. I caught a glimpse of Hate and Jealousy returning to the firelight, Dinlas just behind them, and made a note to ask him why they were so accommodating with me. Giving him an impish smile, I turned my attention to the masses, taking to the skies and hovering a foot or two off the ground so my voice would carry a bit better.

“Good evening, family. I trust you are all well fed and watered!”

Raucous cheers went up, along with a few mugs of brew. My eyes scanned the crowds to take note of who was present, hoping Nike hadn’t gotten into the drink.

“I wanted to give you my most sincerest thank you for blessing my aedis with the gift of laughter and love, good cheer and a winning spirit. Your hearts will linger with me when I usher new mortals into my circle, lending your unique gifts to my own and empowering those who would embrace the pantheon once more.”

A smattering of “here, here” echoed towards me, and I could feel Dinlas’ eyes on me from my right, when a flash of gold caught my attention across from the bonfire. I peered in the direction it came from, but nothing stood out to me, so I continued on.

“If you wish to rest here for the evening, please do so. Alex and Golly will look after you, as well as the nymphs Artemis has graciously asked to assist us tonight. If you require assistance getting back to your dwelling, do not hesitate to ask. I have no wish for anyone to get lost while so wildly drunk. You know how some of us can be with the mortals. And do not forget the favour you have won tonight!” I looked around once more, a grin on my face, and I raised my arms in the air. “Enjoy the rest of the night, family!”

Laughter and singing broke out once more, and dancing resumed as I went to sit beside Dinlas. I let my wings stretch out low behind us, and I snaked a hand onto his knee, curling a wing around him slightly.

“Dare I ask where you got this from?” I teased the edge of his black kilt with a finger, admiring how well it fit him, and the beautiful silver designs embroidered onto it. I traced the moons there, drinking in how his shirt hugged his shoulders and chest, and my wings could feel his sword strapped to his back still. He gave me a shattering smile, and my fingers tensed on him involuntarily. He must have noticed, for he placed a hand over mine before answering.

“Just a little something I had kicking around in my closet, nothing special.”

“Don’t lie to me, Dinlas. I always appreciate being thought of,” I murmured. He was leaning into me again, and I mirrored his gesture, pulling him into a kiss as I folded a wing over us. A hand slid up my thigh, brushing my mantle aside as if were spider webs, while the other circled around my waist. He felt hot, and I wasn’t sure if it was because of the bonfire or not. I pulled back slightly and softly bit his lip, before trailing my mouth down his neck, enjoying the feeling of his five o’clock shadow against my skin.

“We should…Nyx, let’s…” he muttered into my hair, and my hand squeezed his knee tightly, before I withdrew again. His dark eyes were not the pitch black void they had been before – the faintest hint of blue was seeping in, and the look he gave me felt electrifying. I rose to my feet quickly, Dinlas rising with me. Hate and Jealousy raised their heads from where they lay to see if their master was headed somewhere.

“Let’s get out of here, they won’t notice us missing at this hour,” I started, my heart in my throat when I heard a small explosion coming from somewhere around the spot I saw the flash of gold earlier.

I turned to Dinlas with a frown. “Did you hear that?”

And then chaos took over.

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Nyx (Ashley Gallaher-Pollard)

Nyx (Ashley Gallaher-Pollard)

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Nyx (Ashley Gallaher-Pollard)

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