Opposites Attract

There is a big difference between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Doing is action based; hence, contrary action. Sometimes this is necessary, only after honoring the ‘what’s so’ for you. […]


Calm Before the Storm

“I have some news and probably the first guest for your rehabilitation center,” she said, putting both hands down on my desk and leaning forward to come closer. […]


Home and Hearth, At Last

Leave behind the greens and browns of the Highlands and take your place by the bonfire. Be a satyr’s girl, for once in your life. Dance under the moon with me, for Equinox?” […]


Recall, Part I

It struck me as a great place to get away from it all, to hear myself think when I needed that most. Now it might matter more than anything had for a very long time. […]


Sins of the Ancestors

“That thought did cross my mind. But even better, this guy’s price tag is two million euro. I don’t need to tell you that would help get Grandpa Zeus to shut up about tithes.” […]