The Case of the Missing Dead Man, Part II

Things have gotten so crazy around here since my sweet little nephew, Erato, had that sexual tension overload. Why, that little trip to the jailhouse to bail him out was almost more than I could handle. I haven’t had those sensations course through my body in eons. And what’s worse is that my new receptionist, Cassandra, has been forcefully sent to visit Hades. She was so good at what she did.

Having Hades in mind, I knew it was time to get back to work. I had to find out more about this Mr. Coventry and his missing years. I read through his records and found that Ian Coventry was a less-than-honorable man. He was a gambler and a drunkard. Police interviews found that Mr. Coventry was fond of cheating at cards, and it was thought that he may have crossed the wrong people. When Mrs. Coventry threw him out that night, there were rumors that he was killed by one of these people. However, they never actually found his body.

According to police reports and court documents, Mr. Coventry had been listed as missing for nearly a week when items were found in the woods thought to be his. Police recovered a wool scarf embroidered with the initials I.C., a dark blue, flat-cap he was known to wear, and a pair of black loafers that looked as though they’d been burnt. From these items alone, Ian Coventry was pronounced dead. So where did he go for 40 years before finding his way to Tartarus?

I began my research in the annals of history. Seeking out stories of mysterious lights and portals. Ideas behind missing time and missing mortals. People slipping in and out of time. I soon became quite concerned. There’s been something going on for quite some time, but I’m not exactly sure what IT is. Furthermore, all the people I’d need to discuss my findings with were in the one place in the Universe I’d sworn never to step foot; Sulfur Springs.

One of my top priorities was in finding out more about missing time and time slips. I also looked into known cases of missing mortals. I needed Charon to verify a few crossover dates for me. I put together a list of people who were classified as missing, but were eventually given a death certificate due to age or circumstantial evidence. I needed to know if they all showed up in Tartarus on their death dates.

Next, I looked into the idea of strange, blue lights. What I thought would be an easy task turned into a scavenger hunt for tidbits of information in the guise of “flying saucers”. However, I did find several historical recounts of odd, glowing lights appearing out of seemingly nowhere. These stories started to the Northeast of Greece, in areas that were mostly swamp or bog. Yet, they started just a few hundred years after the victory of the Olympians.

One of the phenomena I came across was what the mortals call “time slips”. There were several reports of missing time, but time slips were where mortals were claiming to either go ahead or back in time. In some instances, by several hundred years. If these time slips were happening in the living world, could they be happening in the realm of the dead?

After a couple of days, I got a text message from Charon. I had no idea he even knew how to use a cellphone. He asked me to jump on the computer and have a private chat with him. I had no idea if I knew how to do that. But I did figure it out.

Charon informed me that he had gone through my list and was alarmed to find that there were three other individuals who missed their death dates. A New York socialite named Dorothy Arnold went missing in 1910. Her death date was set for August 18, 1942. However, she showed up at the gates on December 12, 1921, exactly eleven years after her disappearance.

Secondly, there was a Mr. James Tetford who went missing from a bus on December 1, 1949. He boarded the bus in St. Albins, West Virginia and was set to travel eight hours to Bennington, Vermont. However, he never made it. He was confirmed to be on the bus by others on travelers, but he was just gone before the final stop. All of his belongings were still in the luggage racks and there was even an open bus schedule in his seat. His death date was set for only a couple years later, in the spring of 1951. However, he didn’t show up in Tartarus until December 1, 1975. Exactly twenty-six years later.

Finally, Charon told me about Jim Thompson, co-founder of the Thai Silk Company and thought to have helped save the silk industry in Thailand during the 1950s and 60s. Mr. Thompson spent March 26, 1967 with friends. They attended church, they had lunch, then Mr. Thompson went out for an afternoon walk. He was last seen around 4 p.m. on that day. His death date was scheduled for May 8, 1984.

“Okay,” I asked in anticipation, “when did he finally show up down there?”

After a few tense moments, Charon messaged me back with the words, “He’s not here yet”.

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  1. Sending a text message? That bugger. So, he has an smartphone hidden somewhere. Hmmm… must be on that boat of his. I guess he doesn’t hate technology as much as he professes. He is just simply too lazy to digitize my files. Hmmm…

    I don’t know whether I should be angry with the old fool, or be thankful that there is hope for him yet.

    >sips coffee< Perhaps, we'll go for the former and see how I feel about that. Haven't pitched a good rage in awhile, after all. But, he has been a loyal employee for many years. Still, I don't like being lied too. Grrr... when I see him next... ooo boy!!!

  2. Oh now, simmer down. He types worse than you do. Give the old boy a break. I mean, after all, he’s already scared enough about a missing soul. You yell at him now and all his bones may just come all unjumbled.

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