The Truth, Part II – The PR Machine

But at the end of the day, I feel that I have no recourse. It is time for someone to take a stand, and I am honored to represent my father, brothers, uncles, and others to reclaim our good names. […]


Public Relations, Part VII – Fired Up

“This is all sport to you. Fun and games. Well, Mr. Perfect, we are all familiar with some of your less than stellar moves. I mean, who tosses their own son off a mountain just because he needs corrective shoes? Oh. That would be you.” […]


Public Relations, Part VI – Buzz Words

I know him. He doesn’t do idle chit chat. He was trying to disarm me with pleasantries. He also knows me and should know better, but the more he wants something, the nicer he is…until he is told “no.” […]


Public Relations, Part V – Elevator Speech

I rolled my eyes and groaned. I had enough information to see where this was going and I wanted no part of it. I had no interest in Zeus’ comeback scheme or Hera and Gaia’s matchmaking plans for Hephaestus and me. […]


Public Relations, Part IV – OA

The redhead that I was wearing attracted more than her fair share of attention. One appreciative admirer kissed his fingertips and cooed, “Bella,” then fell from his ladder when I looked up at him to smile my acknowledgement. […]

Dark Sparks Cafe

Public Relations Part III – Coffee

On such short notice, I would need to travel light, so I stowed my mortal at a Holiday Inn Express. With any luck, I’d be back before housekeeping was making their rounds. […]


Public Relations Part II – Ask Mom

I knew that my mother had her hand in this somehow. Very little gets by her and odds were that she was the reason for my summons. I needed to get to the bottom of things before I made the trip to The Mount. Before I spoke to Zeus. […]