And the Sun Returns

And yet, I had no way of twitching my nose or wiggling my fingers to make lives and bodies whole once more. I felt completely, utterly useless. I also needed to act. […]


Poseidon’s Fury (aka Dorian)

“My Lord, your fury.” His eyes remain downcast but I hear him. Even as I raise my trident and roar with a wrath the world has not heard for aeons, his voice teases my ear again. […]


Dorian’s Dark Picture, Part I

“The forecast now has Dorian passing by our island Sunday afternoon as a major hurricane. We made major improvements over the last few years, so I have no concerns about Par Impar.” […]


Moon Over Water

I closed my eyes and savored the smell of salt water in the air. The waves lapping against the shore lulled me into a kind of trance. This place was my refuge. […]


Caribbean Blue

My staff, all dressed in silk shirts the same blue as the ocean around my beaches, circulated among them. Some offered refreshments. Others dealt cards and spun wheels. […]