Dead End

With the big move, Athena’s birthday party, the imminent gallery opening, and all of the family drama, I let myself get sidetracked. Too distracted. I needed to make up for it. Maybe not today, but… […]


Date Night Never Ends Well

I studied the scorch mark and my blood ran cold. It was a pattern I had seen one too many times in my immortal life. Turning around, I looked at him. “What did you do?” […]


Public Relations, Part 5 – Elevator Speech

I rolled my eyes and groaned. I had enough information to see where this was going and I wanted no part of it. I had no interest in Zeus’ comeback scheme or Hera and Gaia’s matchmaking plans for Hephaestus and me. […]


Nana Hera Saves the Day, Part 2

I looked directly at Ares and added, “The last thing I’m interested in is being indebted to you. Why are you even offering? You don’t give a shit about me.”


Nana Hera Saves the Day, Part 1

She smelled like a pine forest. She smelled like fresh fallen snow on a winter evening, like right after a rainstorm on a summer afternoon, like roses on their first day of bloom… […]


Catching Up

“I’m not going to say. Let me just offer a gentle suggestion. One that might save you from future heartache. You need to stop clinging to your daddy issues and make peace.” […]


Missed Opportunity

Dugo, the neighbor’s Manx, had come for a visit during the night and was now hunched over, sides contracting like an accordian, as he prepared to hack up a hairball onto my new Persian rug. […]


Hammers, Fire and Brooms

The jest of it was that by tomorrow morning, someone close to Dad would be dead. The only way to prevent this from happening was if the Gods left and never returned. Our kind wasn’t welcome here among the mortals anymore. […]


Leaving the Nest

I took the box from him and crossed over to the bed again. All eyes were on me as I took the lid off. Inside were things from the temple days and there was something I had thought I had lost so many eons ago. […]


Broken Hearts in Paris…

It was rare that I ran into a woman I had spent time with on my travels. Even more unusual that I remembered any of them at all. But Cassie…she was different. […]