The Man Behind the Curtain

There is a man sitting in front of a desk with three monitors on it. He’s feverishly clicking away on a keyboard, muttering under his breath. I slip inside and close the door behind me, but I’m not quiet enough. […]


Holding Down the Fort

Why Zeus thinks that we are needed back here again is beyond me. It seems to me that you people are doing just fine without us. Maybe this is a power play from the big man. Maybe he’s just bored. You never can tell with him. […]


Gifts for Gods

Hera had Warden Hades teach me the basics of internet searches, which meant some poor soul in Tartarus got a reprieve to walk me through the basics. Gods never do anything if they can make someone else do it. […]


Living It Up At the Courthouse

I know…I know I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I have to admit there was a bit of a shock factor.  So there I was sitting at the desk, filling out a form.  I had […]