Not So New Office

I had a lot to think about, and the next few weeks would be busy for me. Plans like mine don’t just come together on their own, they take plenty of forethought. […]


Doxxing Olympus Part I

Chloris, I know your secrets. You think you will become relevant to humanity again? You and your pretentious lot of god-complex deities? Not when I’m done with you all. […]



I looked at him, incredulous. “You need my help? Well, let me mark this down on my calendar. The great Hephaestus, the great forge master, needs help from his brother, the god of war. Whose butt do you want me to kick for you, brother?” […]


Gifts for Gods

Hera had Warden Hades teach me the basics of internet searches, which meant some poor soul in Tartarus got a reprieve to walk me through the basics. Gods never do anything if they can make someone else do it. […]


Night at the Roxbury: Part One

So when Prometheus popped up, having been released from his cell, and called into question my passion as the goddess of love, I had no choice but to accompany him on his first night out. […]