The Truth about Hate and Jealousy

I hesitated, suddenly it seemed deeply personal to reveal their names. I hadn’t uttered their names in thousands of years. In fact, only two people still remembered, me and Circe. Wherever she was. […]


On the Hunt

Bill told me earlier that this forge and roller had been shut down. My guess is it got caught in the rollers and ripped off as the killer was stuffing Charlie through the machine.” […]


Trying to find the Trail

I’m immortal. You can’t kill me, just like I can’t kill you. The worst we can do to each other is seriously maim or injure. Recovery might take a little while, but we’d survive. I strongly suggest you get over your daddy issues and focus on the problem at hand. […]


A Ripple Becomes a Wave

It is amazing the way history twists the memory of those who retreat, even when it is in the best interest of humanity. People are so easily swayed by those in power. […]


My First Collar, Part II

So, as I was saying, they looked marvelous in their little black dresses. Wolf or woman, each of them always wore a leather collar. Both were black leather and about three inches wide and adorned with a single gem. […]