Children of Nightmares

A master hunter knows patience. Taking your prey too soon, the flesh will be tough, chewy and bitter. The hunt is not over until a calming realization surfaces in their eyes. You must wait until they stop begging for mercy or rescue. […]


Vegas Breakfast

I swear his almond brown eyes were puppy-dogging and I had a thing for dogs. Besides, one of the God elixirs the mortals had managed to find was coffee. “Fine, breakfast—but separate bills and a one-time thing. Got it?” […]


My First Collar, Part I

That’s when it struck me like a ton of arch-stones. A plan for exactly how to make the money I need. The idea started in the back of my brain and raced forward, like a cool breeze on the neck that makes you shiver. It was sudden and startling. […]

Dark Sparks Cafe

Public Relations Part III – Coffee

On such short notice, I would need to travel light, so I stowed my mortal at a Holiday Inn Express. With any luck, I’d be back before housekeeping was making their rounds. […]


DMV or Hall of the Dead

Stacy looked up from her monitor and rolled her eyes. It was a slow day at the Department of Motor Vehicles— middle of the month and a steady rain shower outside usually assured a day of scrolling through social media on the taxpayer’s dollar. Not today though. […]


Hades Cold Calls

Stopped at my favorite outdoor cafe yesterday. The bean juices are worthy of the divine AND, of course, I am quite divine. I got a text alert of a new inbound. A god’s work is […]