Mocking Icarus, Part 2

She smirks. “I thought you wanted me to keep my mouth shut.” “Oh, just spill it. You clearly have something you want to say.” “Heph left a week ago for Crete. He hasn’t come back.” […]


Not So New Office

I had a lot to think about, and the next few weeks would be busy for me. Plans like mine don’t just come together on their own, they take plenty of forethought. […]


Mocking Icarus, Part One

Moxie looked like I was saving her from torture. I assumed the Goddesses would get along pretty well if they all lived in Olympus, but that didn’t appear to be true. […]



“You will never say anything about her in a demeaning or degrading way, am I clear? She is a beautiful woman who deserves respect. If you cannot treat her or anyone who comes into my office with a modicum of deference and respect, you can go right back to that cabaret where I found you. […]



I looked at him, incredulous. “You need my help? Well, let me mark this down on my calendar. The great Hephaestus, the great forge master, needs help from his brother, the god of war. Whose butt do you want me to kick for you, brother?” […]


Night at the Noxbury, Part 2

From the very moment I learned of a club, I wanted to go to it. This bizarre combination of carnal pleasures and chastity made it sound like an orgy with ones clothes on, and you did not disappoint. The moment I was through the doors, I knew I was in over my head, but I wasn’t going to back down. I hadn’t escaped from Tartarus to watch others have all the fun. […]


Gifts for Gods

Hera had Warden Hades teach me the basics of internet searches, which meant some poor soul in Tartarus got a reprieve to walk me through the basics. Gods never do anything if they can make someone else do it. […]


Night at the Roxbury: Part One

So when Prometheus popped up, having been released from his cell, and called into question my passion as the goddess of love, I had no choice but to accompany him on his first night out. […]