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Wisdom from Retired Scribe – 05/30/2019 – 11/02/2019

Ssshhh … everything you seek is already within you.

Physical Appearance =

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 133 lbs.

Hair Color: Long smokey black, down to my waist. Some think I’m going gray. Not even close. it’s a rare color I was born with, and often accenturate it with a bronze hairpiece and a smokey black rose from my garden.

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Icy Blue

Distinguishing Features: I have a blue butterfly just above my right ankle and an owl on my upper left hip

Family =

Parents: Asclepius (son of Apollo) and Epione

Siblings: Hygieia, Iaso, Aceso, Aglaea, Podaleirus, Machaon, Telesphoros, Aratus

Spouse: None

Children: None

Professions =

I am the founder and olfactory tour guide / owner of Healing with the Sense of Smell Retreats. Besides Olympus, these retreats are designed to be held anywhere with the current location being Madrid, NM. In these retreats, we hike, journal, discuss ways to access our healing potential as well as work with essential oils in order to enhance the experience of the mind and body.

I am also the volunteer DJ, Remedial Mystic, for a community radio station in Madrid where I create weekly programs talking about universal healing and where to find those remedies.

However, in order to gain a better understanding of all things mortal, including what it means to be mortal, I decided to take a job serving tables at a popular local restaurant where I not only get to connect with the locals, I also have a chance to meet many tourists coming to New Mexico from all parts of the world.

= Residence =

While I adore my 12th floor accomodations on Olympus, I also spend time in a fun and funky structure called an earthship in New Mexico. Two walls were built using old tires, colored glass bottles, straw bales and mud. The other two walls are in the ground, making this house super cool day and night. No air conditioning required, even in the desert. It also has its own water catchment system and an indoor garden. Oh did I mention, I have several great horned owls in my yard .. between them, the moon and the stars, this is the next best thing to living on Olympus!

= Personal Information =

General Overview: Panacea has fallen into the hippie mindset, totally digging her place of contribution. She originally showed up with a rather large chip on her shoulder that did nothing but interfere with her ability to interact with mortals. She’s generally upbeat and thrives on shadows. High noon is not her thing. Early morning, evening and night time are when she really perks up.

Being an Asclepian, Panacea believed she came back to set mortals straight about health and wellness. She now realizes that there is a learning curve and would do well to blend in before standing out. She’s noticing that there are scores of mortals already sharing ideas for how to heal which does nothing but confuse the majority and drown her teachings. Therefore, Panacea’s goal is to work from the inside out which is the nature of healing. By gaining their trust first through a peaceful presence, she’ll be in a better position to influence change.

She is very confident in both her abilities and self; sometimes to her demise. Fitting in, although not for everyone, seems to be a part of her mission. At the same time, Panacea is equally empathetic and absolutely enjoys a good time. However, the way she gets along with mortals is extremely different from the way she interacts with the other Gods. In that arena, she assumes a much firmer position in order to stand her ground as she feels intimidated due to being a ‘lesser’ god.

In many respects, Panacea is a force to be reckoned with whether being arrogant or humble. Her disposition is one of gentleness and peace which can be easily challenged when faced with the fear or determination of another.

Deity Nicknames: Panchrest, Panakeia

Likes: gardening, hiking in the early morning, practicing yoga, moondances, music, formulating essential oil blends, photographing flowers, plants and light, supporting others on their journey, solitude, swimming, wine, mushrooms, laughter, reading

Dislikes: anger, hostility, loud music, gossip, large crowds, narrow minds, mud, tequila, tight and / or patterned clothing, heat

= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality – Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Can communicate in all languages and dialects. 

Healing Goddess – As a Healing Goddess, with just a whiff of her elixir, Panacea helps restore peace and health to body, mind and spirit.

Limited Shapeshifting – being half human, showing up as a human while on the mortal plane is quite easy for Panacea. What’s even better, no matter what she wears, she fits in quite well in her little part of the world on a day-to-day basis. When needed for immortal interactions, she invokes an altered state of mind using her very own special elixir. While visiting her temple, Panacea appears as her followers ‘see’ her.

Alchemical Theory and Incantation – Through clarity and intention, Panacea has the power to produce different elixirs with just the materials she has on hand.

= Possessions =

Normal Daily Wear: I like wearing loose fitting dresses that expose at least half my body. I’m not a fan of being overly warm or tight fitting clothes. Everything I wear is dark in color, with no more than two colors at a time. I also enjoy a simple, yet beautiful head piece.

Magical Artifacts/Weapons:

Elixir of Life – Carried around my waist in two flasks; while mortal alchemists want to believe I use one formula, they are mistaken. I have the ability to change things with my mind and the elixir of life, that they think they see hanging around my waist, is never the same for two people.

= Historical Synopsis =

As the daughter and attendant of Ascelpius, the God of Medicine, and granddaughter of Apollo, Panacea is one of the Asclepiads which is a God or Goddess that carries out the word of Asclepius. As the dispenser of healing, Asclepius produced several offspring more than capable of carrying out and teaching the various aspects of healing.

In the 6th century BCE, because the Greeks believed that illness was a punishment inflicted by the Gods, they built a number of healing sanctuaries in honor of Asclepius, with the most famous one being Epidaurus. Patients from all over Greece would come to call upon the Asclepiads to provide healing advice in their dreams. This information was then given to the sanctuary practitioners so that they could provide proper care. In fact, monuments found at the various sanctuary sites reveal a number of maladies people sought spiritual and physical healing as well as the countless illnesses cured.

As the Goddess of Universal Remedy a.k.a. Healing, Panacea’s role is to teach that healing remedies are based on individual need as she encourages all that call on her to believe in their ability to heal.

The universal remedies she provided were unique as she called upon the force of life and opened new pathways for spiritual reconnection between the patient and the Gods. Part of her teaching helped patients to understand that healing begins when the inner world is in alignment with the Gods and at peace; only then do the curative actions facilitate the wellness they seek. The other aspect to her work involved teaching patients how to create their very own universal remedy which she provided through their dreams.

Sources: Ancient History Encyclopedia (20 June, 2013), Asclepius

= Introduction =

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