Panacea Hits the Streets

Who in Apollo’s name do they think they’re calling unqualified: me…Panacea?! I am the perfect Goddess for the position of hospital administrator. I mean, let’s be real; there was a time that in order for anyone to be a physician, they had to vow to honor the Hippocratic Oath, which actually named me in the very first sentence, along with my grandfather Apollo, my father Asceplius, as well as my sister Hygeia.

Ok, so that was a long time ago, according to the mortal timeline, but check it out. According to this website called Nova, it shows the original version, followed by the ‘modern’ one:

The original begins like this: “I swear by Apollo, Physician, and Asclepius and Hygeia and Panaceia, and all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will fulfill, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this covenant:”

To be honest, the misspelled name is a bit disturbing; yet again, it was written by mortals. Nai…

As for the modern oath, it goes like this: “I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:”

Can I just say, this new version makes me twitch, and horribly at that?

To think that mortals went from honoring the Gods and Goddesses to making vows to themselves?! Where is the accountability? There was a time when they acted in accordance to our teachings and when they didn’t…shit hit the fan. Today, it seems they are their own god, and honestly, I don’t recall Great-Granddaddy Zeus giving any one of them such a title. The puzzling thing is the way many mortals worship a singular God these days, claiming to do things in His name, and at the same time look to their physician as if he or she is a god?!

Just so we’re clear, still twitching…

Why do they act like this? These doctors are mere mortals, as they are. While they may have a bit more education than the “average Joe” – a phrase I heard at the coffee shop down the street – they’re focusing on the wrong things. This mortal healing process is really ass backwards. Just writing those words causes me to shake my head. Where can I go and what can I do for work in order to satisfy Zeus, help these wayward characters in order to remind them that healing and curing are not only different processes to getting over what ails them, BUT they’re never the same steps between two people, let alone eight plus billion?

Oh, if you could only hear my grumbling. I really feel for these people…I have mortal blood, for Zeus’s sake, and yet, I am not qualified to fill THIS mortal position?! Seriously? It seems I need to remind a few people that there is a temple in Amphiareion dedicated to Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hygeia…and wait for it…ME!! Please know this sanctuary is a little known place built outside of Athens for the purpose of healing, and I am INCLUDED in it, because I “pull it all together”!

Nai, no worries, I will continue my search for that “perfect job” that not only satisfies Zeus’s reason for summoning me, BUT my role as the Goddess of the “universal remedy” as well. Stick with me, this is going to get good. I will beat these streets in search of what I need, because I know I qualify for something that not only honors my great-granddaddy’s request, BUT rocks the mortal world with my “universal remedy”.

As a small side note for anyone unfamiliar with the meaning of “nai”…it’s the English version of the Greek word for “oh well”.

Here’s to your health!


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Panacea (Tammy Davis)

Panacea (Tammy Davis)

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  1. No, it wasn’t Zeus that have them their title, just as no one have Zeus His title. You are a guest, try to show your hosts a little respect.

    • well, hello Prometheus! I meant no disrespect to you or humanity. I appreciate your contributions to the mortal society; yet, struggle with what seems like a superiority complex. Then again, I am judging them based on their behavior… again, no disrespect. In all honesty, I am very much in favor of humanity’s success, especially when it comes to wellness; however, the direction they’ve taken with healing and science could use a tweak or two. Forgive my outburst … blame it on the mortal in me!

  2. Panacea:

    Boo hiss on them for not knowing to whom they spoke. But have you thought about more hands-on treatment vocations than administration? It appears there are all sorts of jobs that mortal require “degrees” for now, but Emergency Medical Technician is not one of them. I deal with them all the time at the mall whenever someone chokes on a hotdog or gets a bottle to the head or falls over during one of their mall fitness Saturday morning speed-walks. These EMTs are the first to respond to all medical emergencies and they get to ride in an amazingly fast metal chariot to and from the hospital. Check it out. I think you might enjoy healing with them.

    Pallas Athena

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