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Into the Darkness

by Persephone (EmberSkye) in Olympian 2

I could feel the weight of my crown settle on my head as I fully returned as Persephone, the bringer of death. Kore the maiden was above; here, I was the queen. […]

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Truth and Taser Guns

It’s no thunderbolt, but it does deliver a satisfyingly shocking mortal takedown. It’s like smiting, but without the scorched earth and instant oblivion. It’s more like “smite lite.” […]


Erato’s Misadventures – Prologue

I’d also like to be very clear, if everyone involved isn’t into it, it’s not erotic. It’s not sex. There are plenty of other words for it, use one of them. Need a clear analogy? I can hit you with a frying pan, but that doesn’t make it cooking. […]


The Silver Bow

“For now, I will tell you this much, that my charity will have two main causes that it supports: Wildlife Preservation and Women’s Shelter. I have decided to name it Silver Bow Foundation.” […]