Opposites Attract

Mmmmm… the breeze, the cool morning air…how could I not be grateful for this comfort?! Thank you for my pillow, my blanket, mmmyyy…BED?!

Ummmm…the last thing I remember was having this very same thought…hehehe…I was curling up with a turkey vulture after a night of spiritual healing! Uh, huh…did I dream all that up? If not, how did I get home? When did I come home? Where is my goddess self?

Now that’s a strange question, and oddly familiar! Oh yeah, I remember being separated from her. If that’s the case, where is she? I’m not seeing her around the house. Did she get lost? Are we disconnected for good? Oh my goddess, I’m feeling sick.

Why don’t we clear our head with a shower?

“THERE you are!! Oh my gosh…I had this horrible thought that we were separate for good! Whoa! I can actually hear your voice instead of just knowing what you’re thinking! Are we not fully integrated? What’s going on?” 

Panacea…breathe. One thing at a time.

My goddess self went on to explain that the separation I had experienced last night was simply an illusion, something most mortals live with every day of their life. In fact, what we ‘lived’ is the essence of spiritual healing…an individual’s reconnection with his or her divine self. 

Mortals are so attached to what they see with their eyes that they lose touch with all that they are. In order for you to carry out your ‘mission’ since returning to this time on earth and Olympus, you must understand the mortal way. Much has changed throughout the centuries and disconnection is the primary source of all their pain. The funny thing is, not funny as in ‘haha but funny as in interesting… 

“Then why didn’t you just say ‘interesting’?”

Excuse me…the interesting thing is, although mortal technology has advanced, they’ve created much suffering, as they’re cutting themselves off from the nature of their existence. As you know, universal healing is an inside job and it begins with spiritual connection. This is what the Eleusinian Mysteries were all about and why we went to the New Moon ceremony last night…

“To have a human experience instead of a spiritual one?”

Yes and no. Clearly you experienced your mortal self, more than you ever have; yet, you also spent time chatting with several animals…as well as with me…that’s spiritual.

“It seems everybody could benefit from eating mushrooms…” 

Wellllllll…I’m thinking there are other ways to introduce people to their inner divinity besides taking something psychedelic. Not that some would object, and it’s good to have options. Nevertheless, we needed you to understand the mortal experience in order to heighten our connection.

“Oh my goddess, YES! The scariest part for me was seeing us as opposites instead of aligned! I never want to be a disappointment. I felt SO lost.”

Panacea, it seems we still have some work to do.

“No…I swear I learned TONS last night!” 

I’m certain you did; yet, knowing what’s true for you is necessary for us to help others! I have my vantage point and source you with inspirational thoughts and ideas, but my way is not the way. You have the ability to sense the world. Gods, on the other hand, do not. We are tapped into powerful energy, but it’s the sensations of life that influence the way things go. Keep in mind, I’m talking about feelings, and not emotions. Being different from one another does not distance us; it fuses us, especially when you honor your empathic mortal side. I am simply the Goddess energy helping to keep you at a higher frequency. 

“Is this what the spiders meant when they brought up ‘contrary action’? Do you want me to do the opposite of you?”

No, I want you to be yourself, even if what you sense it is opposite of me.

“Isn’t that what I just said?” 

No. There is a big difference between ‘doing’ and ‘being’. Doing is action based; hence, contrary action. Sometimes this is necessary, only after honoring the ‘what’s so’ for you. However, to be the opposite versus being oppositional is the difference between being authentic and in alignment with your truth versus following fear.

“Too much information at one time! I feel like I’m lost. What do you want me to do?”

Be true to yourself. Pay attention to the ideas and inspirations and work them into your life accordingly. Never fear our differences. Have faith that no matter what, we are always on the same path. And when you stumble, just know it’s ok. We’re in this together. By the way, your opinions matter, as do mine and those of everyone else. They provide insight as they reveal inner truth.

“It seems this is a message for the mortals…” 

Absolutely! AND you are mortal! Now find ways to understand the others! Maybe, get yourself to work?!

“Nah, I think I’ll turn on some YouTube.”

Um, what’s YouTube? 

“You know, that internet thing we sometimes get music from for the radio.”

You want to listen to music? 

“Nope…I want to check out what mortals watch. It just might help me understand them that much more and give me something to talk with them about.”

What about your job? 

“I’m taking contrary actions…in the direction of healing.” 

Surfing the web…


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