Nox Opening Night

On the opening night of Nox, my new ultra-exclusive pop-up night club, all the stars went out.

It was just for a moment, enough time to drive my chariot across the London sky, painting the word NOX in stardust behind me. Mortals below gasped and stared, pointing at the sky and wondering what the message could mean. But I did not let it linger. Just after the word formed, I snapped my fingers and the stars burst back into view. Quick enough that more than a few humans looked at each other and denied what they had seen, but the seed was planted in the back of their minds. If they were lucky enough to have Hermes deliver them an invitation, they reveled in their privilege to understand the meaning. Gripping the translucent invite in their hands or checking their pocket to make sure it was secure, the chosen few could think of nothing else but attending the opening party. After all, those invitations had been dusted by stars and forged by my fates—for a mortal, one touch felt like destiny fulfilled.

Nox was to feel the same, other worldly, an experience unlike other clubs. When you walked through the starlit entrance, you were still under the night sky—but the night was brought in close, caressing the outdoor space, so it felt like one’s own private galaxy. Stardust sprinkled down, bathing guests in its shimmer. I wanted no bars or lines for drinks. Instead, trays of glowing concoctions circulated through the crowd for the taking. These mixes of alcohol and ecstasy would bring instant euphoria to a mortal and yet, thanks to a touch of Selene’s moonlight, leave no hangover, just a vague memory of an enchanting night.

Yes, the mortals would be easily spellbound by the magical touches they couldn’t quite grasp. The only wild card was Zeus’ offspring. They could be unpredictable with their partner swapping and infighting, and while I normally find this rather entertaining, at times their scuffles have decimated the surrounding area. I was sure this would happen eventually, which is part of the reason I designed my club to be mobile when it suited, but I did plan on staying in London until I had worked out the kinks of club owning. Or worked some kink into my club.

Now between binge watching Lucifer, and planning the opening of Nox, I had not been paying much attention to my husband, Erebus. I had thought I was doing him a favor inviting him to spin at my opening, but it turns out that he had become his own rising star. Some irony there—my daughters, the Fates, do have a sense of humor. How else can you explain a weekend at Coachella and a Netflix binge turning into a world famous DJ opening London’s most exclusive nightclub? Tonight, watching Erebus spin as the crowds surged and pulsed to his music was fascinating. We were young again, discovering new love, new experiences, new purpose. He was more attractive to me than he had been in a thousand years. I made a mental note to unblock him on Twitter.

Just as I was considering jumping him right there behind the turntable, Selene’s soft glow caught my eye as she moved through the crowd. I blinked. Following her through the dancing throngs was Lucifer. My breath caught slightly, and I laughed at myself for having such a reaction to a mortal. Not even a mortal, a fictional character. But what a perfect gift for a night inspired by his personification. My sexual energy redirected and I jumped down from the rail and headed to meet them at the heart of the dance floor, the lights throwing us from dark to light and back again, pulsating with the beat. They looked almost nervous to see me, but I was too caught up in the moment. I walked up to Lucifer and grabbed his lapel, pulling his lips to mine. I kissed him deeply, and after an almost imperceptible hesitation, he reciprocated. It was an intriguing moment of fantasy, and yet his hesitation ate at back of my mind. I pushed him away and saw Selene’s forlorn look, Lucifer’s sheepish expression, and finally across the room, Erebus’s raised eyebrow. This wouldn’t do.

I hugged Selene, enjoying the tingle of moonlight she radiated, and whispered to her, “You’re a dear, but I think he’s already yours.”

She looked at him and then me, looking somewhat unsure if what I said were true. But the Lucifer mortal was looking at her hopefully, and I knew he had already fallen for her.

I squeezed her hand. “You better have fun with this one. I will want details.”

“I will,” she whispered shyly.

I gave Lucifer a last once over. Damn, he was sexy. The green eyes were wrong, though. I’d have to have Hermes drop an invite in the hands of the real actor. Oh yes, I could cause some trouble there. But my wicked thoughts were interrupted by an abrupt music change—a remix of the Lucifer theme song. Cheeky, Erebus.

He had a pouty expression by the time I reached him, but I knew how to fix that. I leaned across him, my lips brushing his arm, and hit the auto playlist switch. Before he could protest, I pulled him down into the darkness below the booth. Darkness. Home for us. Where we are rulers, kings, and even the very dark itself, entwined together in a place no one could know but us. Mortals are fun, and I see many in my future, but this moment was one for the gods.


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  1. Oh Nyx!

    I’m sorry I missed the opening. But I can’t wait to see Nox and celebrate my birthday with you & Big E!!!!

    Pallas Athena

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