Night at the Roxbury: Part I

It’s my first night back with the crew on Olympus.

Of course I’m going to go out.

I know I haven’t seen the gods in almost a century, but even I hit my limit of pleasantries and Heph’s incessant glaring. I mean, seriously, does that man have any other facial expression? And after what happened with Ares this afternoon, I could use a drink.

I wasn’t expecting to come back and be welcomed with open arms necessarily by either of my men. I had been gone too long from one, and I never really treated my husband with the amount of respect that I should have. Being the goddess of love brought me a lot of joy. The relationships, the one night stands, the longtime affairs: I was living my best life. I went away to Europe for a thousand years to follow a new lover, and I just never left. And after a long string of new…I found myself missing the old.

But of course, just showing up and expecting things to fall into place may have been a slightly too romantic notion. Now Heph’s irritated and Ares is emotionally unavailable, and all I’ve got is myself. Such a strange feeling. I hate it.

So when Prometheus popped up, having been released from his cell, and called into question my passion as the goddess of love, I had no choice but to accompany him on his first night out. In all honesty, it didn’t take that much coercing to get me out. I was ready to witness America’s club scene for myself.

When Pro and I step out of the chariot, I’m instantly in awe of the city. Cars are whipping around us as they try to reach their own Friday night destinations before the fun really begins. Skyscrapers tower around us, reflecting the city lights against the glass windows. I admire them pensively and make a mental note to order a wall of windows for my new office. The club pulses with a heavy bass line and blue and pink strobe lights. A smirk graces my lips as Prometheus gapes in awe.

I nudge him lightly. “You ready for this?”

He recovers quickly and smirks back at me. “Shall we?” He offers me his arm. We stride forward together past the entry line and are immediately waved through by the bouncer. Prometheus raises his eyebrow. “Just like that?”

I shrug coyly. “My reputation precedes me, it would seem.” I pay the cover charge for both Pro and I at the door and push him forward inside. “I buy a lot of drinks and tip well.”

Once we’re inside the club, the vibe is so much more intense than I could have imagined. The bass line pounds deep and heavy in my chest, bringing all of my desires to the forefront. I can already feel my senses become heady and my body starting to loosen up. The looks are already starting, men and women sizing me up. I flash a flirtatious smile, and eventually, they all get that hungry look in their eyes. Some for lust, some in a jealous rage for blood, completely non-gender specific.

I hunger for these kind of nights. Drawn to the music and the center of the action, I let go of Pro’s arm and begin to drift off. He pulls me back with a quick jerk. “Wait! You gotta help me!”

“What do you mean?” I furrow my eyebrows.

“It’s been ages since I’ve been out,” he says with a sheepish smile. “How do I…find love?”


“How can I get one of them to love me?”

Ahh. This, I could help with. I take myself out of the club headspace for a moment and get down to business. “Alright, here’s what you’re gonna do.” I wrap my arm around his shoulder and gesture over to the bar. “Take a look at the bar. I would suggest talking with one of the quiet ones. They’ve got the most to say and normally turn out to be the most interesting. Don’t offer to buy them a drink until after you start the conversation. It’s only a 50-50 chance that a pick up line and an offer to buy a drink would even work.” Prometheus nods pensively, as if mentally taking notes on everything I’m saying. “Be friendly. Be conversational. If it doesn’t work, move on and talk to some more people. Don’t try to be overly smooth. It always backfires.”

“Got it. Where will you be?” he replies.

“Anywhere and everywhere, my friend,” I spread my arms graciously as I back away. “Enjoy the night.”

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Aphrodite (Cady Hammer)
Aphrodite is written by Cady Hammer, currently revising her debut YA fantasy novel, Chasing Fae. She is also the author of Fluff About Fantasy, a blog to aid fantasy writers in the writing process and to get people excited about her work.
Aphrodite (Cady Hammer)

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  1. Aphrodite:

    Thank you so much for taking my god-father Prometheus out on the town! Hopefully he’ll find this love he’s after and stop being so grumpy!

    I know we’ve had our differences in the past, but I’m very glad to see you. You look fantastic!

    Pallas Athena

    PS – My big birthday celebration is coming up later this month. I was wondering … would you mind helping me get ready for it? I’d like to do something a little … different? I’ll let you give me that makeover you’ve always wanted ….

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