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“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.” -William Shakespeare

Physical Appearance =

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 230 lbs.

Hair Color: Black/Brown, some-what messy. Cuts just beneath the ears.

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Royal Blue

Distinguishing Features: Well, besides originally being a demon with wings nope! currently fashioning a very casual human form. Appears as a mortal probably around the age of 26.

Family =


Father – Hypnos , God on sleep. Descendant of Erebus and Nyx. 

Mother – Pasithea, Goddess of relaxation and rest. Descendant of Hera and Dionyssus.

Siblings:  Oneiroi: Phobetor, personification of a nightmare. Phantasus (fake and illusional dreams). Ikelos (realistic dreams).

Spouse: Morpheus is a very busy deity so he has never married, but he has been seen being accompanied by The goddess Iris, personification of rainbows.

Children: None

Professions =


= Residence =

Administration Building, Olympus Complex, Greece. He always has a home in The Land of Dreams, located in The Underworld. The River of Forgetfulness and the River of Oblivion were found in that world, highly protected by the gates under the supervision of two monsters that would easily materialize the fears of any uninvited visitors. The legend says that only the gods from Olympus were allowed in this family nest

= Personal Information =

General Overview: Morpheus is an artist on Earth (Paint), and somewhat of a writer! He’s very witty and sarcastic, but isn’t what you would call a chatterbox; he only really talks to his friends, but he will speak to you if you have something to say first (particular with who his friends are). He hopes to find more meaning for his life on Earth but won’t tell you that!

Nicknames: Morph, Ruler of Dreams, Oneroi (Dreams)

Likes: He likes to mess with people when sending dreams, and talking to them in person!

Dislikes: Morphe has a secret fear of heights, and doesn’t like it when people catch him while his guard is down.

= Flaws / Weaknesses =


= Skills / Abilities =

Immortality – Morpheus  is technically immortal. He is immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections.

Babble-speak – Morpheus can communicate in all languages and dialects.

Dream Weaving – Morpheus can create the entire dream and use personal details from the mortal to put in the dream; he can even play the mortals themselves while in action. Basically he can take/know anything he wants/needs about you/r life… and use it how he pleases! Creative freedom, no close in public, scaring the ever living shit out of you, etc.. that’s all him!

Unlimited Shapeshifting – Morpheus appears as any ordinary human he chooses when on the mortal plane. This permits him to blend in and conduct day-to-day business with mortals. This changeable, morphing power continues when/if in immortal battle. Or if he chooses he can become his natural deified state. In the Dream Land, Underworld, he can appear in either form as he wishes. If he’s mad he sometimes tends to look and act a little demon-ish..

Psychic/ Hallucinations: Morphe’s job is to imitate other people and things from their life, so he sometimes knows… things. He can also make things apparent that AREN’T really there; he can’t make them ACTUALLY appear though.

= Personal Attire =

Normal Daily Wear: Probably a leather/sweatshirt and jeans. Maybe a lil something particularly in style – he knows what’s up with mortals, and can probably help a god/dess out! But for the most part it’s probably something basic, unless he has enough time.

Alternative Dress Wear: N/A

= Magical Artifacts/Weapons =

Morpheus Wings: His wings are very important for his profession; flying to and from the dream world, delivering messages from the gods, crossing realms. Not to mention his wings WERE given to him, by his own uncle the god of death. No not the Hades, Thanatos, the god of a peaceful death. Probably an associate of his though! I guess he’ll probably get his own private jet plane, or some kick ass car from the mortal world. 

= Introduction =

Dear Reader,

I guess it’s time to cut loose on the whole mystery chain that I’ve been letting grow, well, since your kind’s beginning. Why now? Beats me, though I am severely PISSED. I don’t know the reasoning for ruining such a beautiful mystery in such a distasteful, unpoetic, mortal way… ask the oh-so-very courageous and righteous big guy; you know who…that son of a bitch…

To myself, I am what a mortal would call an artist; to a mortal, I am a mere sweat dream, an utterly terrific night terror, a memory preferred forgotten to the swirling, smoky shadows of the past, everything you’ve ever wanted, and everything you’ve ever lost. Call me your historian. To the Gods, I am their demon messenger. Yes, I said demon, but hey… sweet dreams are made of evil! *winks and smiles*

I remain bound to the chains of loyalty. When on the word of a God/dess, I design their dream of choice, usually with the purpose to be a suggestion for what that Muse has chosen to be of the mortal’s life destiny. ‘Tis only when the Gods have nothing to say to any mortal that I have my own chances to shape and give dreams as I wish, which is fairly often. Don’t let misconceptions rule my tongue, I most definitely have free will…it is only my duty as the Ruler of Dreams to contribute my part of the guidance of mortal history. When off the clock, I sleep in a cave full of poppies, and live amongst my elders and siblings in the Land of Dreams, located in The Underworld. Thee who speaks now for you is Morpheus, Muse of dreams, in the flesh…. quite literally actually, I am fashioning a human body and I feel epically vulnerable! Obviously, I couldn’t show my own, and hence the title “…of dreams”. I have worn the face, and practiced the nature of being from every mortal soul to live on Earth. Shouldn’t I be superb at this? I mean for the gods’ sake, I AM the game master after all! IN DREAMS. It lies merely a step ahead of human play rights. Of course, it takes an artistic hand to create as well, along with a writer’s point of view. But back to my point: it is vastly different, entertaining drowsy mortals by casting into a familiar face, than to actually sport one in their…your world.

Dream: a title that has been given, to be shared by a light thrum of the tongue, and tap of the teeth. A dance that has been bouncing between the lips of the mortal creatures for millenniums of your time. With all the characters and creativity I have been pushing into your damn humans minds, you can imagine how dimmed my spirits were to hear that you stayed with the original title ‘Dream’. Dreams is the name created for my siblings and I, is what thee know not. Oneiroi, a name with shared meaning, is from our elder Gods. It is most casual to me. Just a little history lesson before I wrap things up!

Just so you don’t get all tongue tied with pronouns: here you will see me refer to myself as he, she, or simply a muse. Honestly, I have performed as so many beings, it has no extreme difference what you choose to call this one! And with that – *yawns* – I must go home now. See you in your dreams!

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