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Dikê is the goddess of Justice and member of the Horae, currently voiced by JayLynn Watkins.


Know Your Goddess

Height: 5’5

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair Color: Dark brown/Black sometimes with light brown highlights.

Facial Hair: No

Eyes: Chestnut brown that appears darker, almost black, in certain light. They flash silver when expressing her power or rage.

Distinguishing Features: None, see markings below

Eyes. Dikê has a slight temper which is always evident in her eyes/expression. She manages not to flash her goddess power (silver eyes) in front of mortals, but she does not hold back when with other deities.

Walk. Dikê has a very distinct walk that is at once all-purpose, but full strut.


  • Δίκη. tattooed on the back of her neck, just below her hairline.
  • Scales of Justice. miniature tattoo on her left wrist.


Parents: Zeus and Themis

Siblings: The Horae (Eunomia & Eirene), Horai (Auxesia, Karpo, & Hegemone), Hora (Euporia, Pherusa, & Orthosie), The Nymphai Themeides

Spouse: None

Children: Heskyhia


Dikê works primarily as a consultant. She is the Owner and operator of a consulting company, Blind Equity, which works behind the scenes assisting global humanitarian and social justice organizations to revamp large systematic justice issues.

She decided, upon her return, to work on the finesse aspect of her approach to implementing balance and justice. To her thinking, finesse required being able to navigate within the world’s legal systems, starting with the USA, when the opportunities present themselves. She felt becoming a lawyer would help facilitate that goal. She is now attending her first year of law school at Howard University School of Law.


Prior to returning to Olympus, Dikê maintained several residences along the DMV corridor.

Virginia Beach - weekend home. In love with the ocean she uses this home as a getaway.

Washington DC & Maryland

  • Blind Equity is housed on the 2nd floor of a brownstone turned offices near Dupont Circle in DC. The location allows Dikê to stay near the district and near the legislative happenings of the US power structure. She maintains a home close by on the Maryland side of the Maryland/DC line.
  • Law School - she attends law school in DC at Howard University School of Law
  • God Complex - Floor 6

Personal Information

General Overview: Dikê is the personification of justice, punisher of injustice, and rewarder of virtue. When the Olympians “left” she retreated from earth, her heart broken, and ire raised about the state of the justice of the world at that time. She went to live among the stars, remotely watching the world as its humanity changed, as the ways of justice and injustice evolved yet remained horribly the same.

She returned when she heard Zeus’s call. Seeing the state of the world made her furious. She was angry that the Olympians, specifically Zeus, had seemingly left the mortals - and justice - to their own devices.

So, as any stubborn goddess would, Dikê ignored Zeus’ summons. Instead of answering, she began trying to remedy some of the larger injustices. She found finesse was going to be needed more than just the brute strength of old. In answer, she created her consulting company, Blind Equity, made a few connections, and decided to take the LSATs and apply to law school.

Not as virginally pious as some texts describe her, Dikê is single and willingly mingling. Believing in balance, she is a lover of and attracted to all. She doesn’t label herself, though the term “pansexual” is probably the closest identifier of her orientation.

Deity Nicknames: Dee, DJ

Likes: Equity, Inclusion, Truth, Bluntness, Spirited Conversations, Pizza, Peaches, Chocolate, Music, the Ocean, Animated movies, Fast Cars (driving), Being serenaded, Women’s Basketball, Axe Throwing, MMA Fighting.

Dislikes: Inequity, Cliques, Injustice (Adikia), Large parties, Waffles, American Football, Small Places, Rooms without windows, Answering to authority, Being told she is wrong.

Flaws / Weaknesses

Headstrong. Dikê does not like being told what to do. Justice is a clear thing. What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. Justice does not need to be told what it should or should not be. That carries over to Dikê. Her dislike of being ordered around can manifest from anything as mild as seething and silent annoyance to a full display of Justice’s fire flashing in her eyes.

The Opinions Of Sheep. As far as Dikê is concerned, in order to maintain equality, there must be a certain hierarchy in the world. That hierarchy would be her father, Zeus, then herself, then everyone else. After all, if the scales of Justice are not in balance, what does anything else matter? Dikê has never really cared for the opinions of anyone beneath her. It gets on her last nerve when people think they can criticize her or her actions. Zeus used to be the only one who could give her criticism, but he no longer has a free pass because of what he has allowed to happen to the world. Overly protective of this mortal world since her return, Dikê has yet to remember she is a wolf and still finds herself annoyed by the opinions of the sheep around her.

Love Is Blind. Dikê has formed few relationships since her return. She is extremely attached to the ones that she has, to the point of overlooking things that go against her very nature and being. Her love is almost mortal in how she turns a blind eye to the injustices her loved ones do. It is a hypocrisy that is hard to bear, but it is harder still to judge those you love.

Skills / Abilities

Immortality. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections. As a deity, they are able to teleport, or "pop" anywhere in the mortal plane with a few exceptions, the God Floors of the GC HQ are mystically protected, so no teleporting to or in between them, anything on the non-mortal plane, i.e., the Underworld, Atlantis, and the Void, are non-accessible without a guide.

Mother Tongue. As the bridge between the mortal world and the divine, they speak all languages mortals do, even the long dead ones.

Scales of Justice. With focus, Dikê can separate truth from lies. Justice being blind, Dikê does not need to see the truth, she only needs to listen. Dikê can focus on the words another is speaking and isolate the tell-tale evidence of falsity: the pace of their breathing, the rapidity of their pulse, the tremor in their voice, the tightness in their words. Truth also strikes her ears like a clear bell. When she hears a lie, it sounds muddy in her ears and she knows it for the deception it is. Few can deceive Dikê in this manner, and those that can should be highly suspect. Dikê is the origin of the phrase, I know the truth when I hear it. Because she does.

Persuasion. Dikê has the ability to persuade others towards the middle path of Justice. At some cost to her energy, she can compel another to tell the truth, or conversely, to tell a lie as long as there is a core of truth in the lie being told. She can show a vision to another of the just path, the one that is most pleasing to Dikê’s nature, though she cannot force that person to take it - only show them that the path exists and it may be chosen if wished. All of these abilities take a toll on her, relative to the weight of the truth that needs to be brought forth or the cost of the lie to be told or the resistance of the individual to seeing the path ahead of them. If she uses her power to persuade another, it pulls her temporarily off-center, unbalancing Justice’s scales within herself. She must take time alone to meditate and rebalance.

Just Rewards. If one is found virtuous and full of truth and piety, Dikê can use that energy to formulate one simple wish. The wish can not be for more wishes, impact the life/path of others, be a request for immortality, or a request for wealth. The nature of the wish must, in some way, balance scales that have been tilted. The person must have been wronged in some way unfairly, and the wish must be for something that would “make up” for the injustice done. She cannot grant a wish that would go against someone else’s free will, but when it comes to material things or opportunities, she has a great deal of sway to help set things right.

Swift Justice. Dikê has the ability to learn and process information quickly. With close to a photographic memory, she is the law student every barrister wishes they had.

Sword of Justice. Her stature, weight (toned but somewhat petite), and determination give Dikê a speed that makes her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fighting hand-to-hand, with a sword, or any blade. Like the sword of Justice, Dikê is swift, sharp, and unerring.


Normal Daily Wear:

  • Work/Class: Slacks and comfortable button down shirt.
  • Weekends/Evenings: Comfortable jeans, with strategic rips paired with a midriff style t-shirt that probably has some witty saying or picture.

Alternate Wear: Usually some kind of form fitting wrap dress and strappy heels or form enhancing pantsuit

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Blades. (always with her) Kopides, specially made for her height and size. They are nicknamed Balance and Truth.

Swords. The wall of her office in her primary residence is adorned with swords. These would only be taken down for full-fledged battle.

  • Sword made for her by Aesa. This is the original sword of Justice forged for her long ago. Pitted and nicked, marked by the ravages of time and injustice, this sword bears the scars of a mortal world’s crimes and the wars Dikê has fought to bring balance to mankind.
  • Her mother Themis’ sword of Justice. This brightly-forged, leaf-shaped blade is her mother’s sword, passed down to Dikê to hold and wield as an extension of her mother’s energy in the mortal world. This sword is dear to Dikê and one of her greatest treasures.

Scales. Dikê always carries a miniature set of scales with her that she uses to weigh situations. She can write facts and considerations on slips of paper and they will tilt the scales with the actual weight of their value in a situation. This varies depending on the person, as what is important to one person might not be of the same importance to another. This does not help Dikê in any way - she is immune to her powers as many gods are - but it is very valuable to mortals and other immortals who need help discerning which path to choose. This is not fortune-telling. It does not tell which path to choose, only which path has the most value to a person. It is a Pros-and-Cons list made visible and weighted for greater accuracy.

Historical Synopsis

Dikê is the personification of justice, right and wrong, for humanity. She was born from the mating of Zeus and the Titan, Themis (Divine order, Fairness, Law).

Overwhelmed by the constant unjust actions of mortals, Dikê decided to leave matters of justice for her father to sort out, thinking the world would be more just under his direct management of justice. She left earth to live among the stars and constellations - Virgo (Dikê Astrea). While there, she kept watch over the world with no interaction.



I am rage.

“I rock rough and stuff with my Afro puffs…”

No, wait. Let’s back up.

I am Dikê, Goddess of Justice. I am full of rage.

That rage comes from watching this world exist in shambles. This place seems to know nothing of me, my mother Themis, or the true path of Ananke. I blame my dad, Zeus, and the Olympians for that, but we’ll get there.

This is about me. I guess.

First bit you should know, I hate talking about myself. Truthfully, that is probably why I only have a blip written in the corrupt annals of time. Well that, and people seldom discuss the things that prevent them from glorifying their wrongs. I’m here to help the world find balance and equity, to lead mortals to justice, and I guess some form of what they consider salvation.

Right is right.

Justice just is.

I’ve been told I have a smidge of a temper when it comes to inequity, but shouldn’t we all? Outside of that, I’m pretty low key. I’m all about having a good beer and an outing with the crew. That makes me happy. I’ve kept away from other immortals; the crew consists of mortals helping me keep an eye on humanity.

What does all this mean to or for you? It means I’m back. This corrupt cesspool of money-begets-power hierarchal fairness bullshit is over. Favor ain’t fair, but justice is. There will be balance or someone is going to pay.

And afterwards…

I’ll go home, drink beer, eat triple extra cheese pizza, and watch Inside Out or Zootoopia for the upteenth time while I study for my torts exam.

Because Justice just is.

Get used to it.