City of Olympus

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With the reemergence of the Greek Pantheon, the City of Olympus flourishes in the foothills of Mount Olympus. It is flanked on the north by the Mount Olympus National Park, on the west by the God Complex, and just a few kilometers to the east by the town of Litochoro where the Olympus National Park Information Center resides.


The city has become one of the major administrative and economic centers of Greece with a burgeoning population of 76,543, as of June 2019.

The city is home to the Hesiod School of Classical Literature, the Phidias Institute of Art, Architecture and Engineering, and the Archaeological Museum of Olympus.

It also hosts a football club in Super League Souroti known as OSP, OSP Football Club, or its full name, Óla sto Pantheón Football Club. The club play their matches at Phaininda Stadium.


Like other northern Greek cities, the cuisine is dominated by bougatsa, moussaka, gyros and souvlaki which are standard in many restaurants and taverns.

Kagyana Strapatsada

Due to its proximity to the Aegean coast, a fresh assortment of yellowfin tuna, red mullet, ray, swordfish or sturgeon is always available. For those with more adventurous taste buds, eels, squid, and octopus are often on the menu.