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Circe is a deified sorceress, and is currently voiced by [[Tammy Davis]].
Circe is a deified sorceress, and is currently voiced by Tammy Davis.
=== Know Your Goddess ===
=== Know Your Goddess ===

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Circe is a deified sorceress, and is currently voiced by Tammy Davis.


Know Your Goddess

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 133 lbs

Hair Color: I have long black hair that I like to wear braided unless I’m entertaining. Then it’s shrouded with a dark veil.

Facial Hair: None

Eyes: Varies N/A

Distinguishing Features: my eyes change colors for reasons I will not disclose and I have a birthmark that looks like a tattoo of a ‘chain’ of circles around my ankle … hence, my name. The word Kirkoo means to hoop around in Greek.


Parents: Helios and Perseis (a Water Nymph)

Siblings: 2 brothers, Aeetes, Perses, and a sister, Pasiphae

Spouse: N/A

Children: Telegonus, Agrius, Latinus


Life and spiritual coach at Sacred Circle. Also, a volunteer DJ, enchanting the airwaves as the Remedial Mystic, with weekly themes that challenge the listener’s vibe. Occasionally, I help out on a goat and pig farm, because it’s not their fault their ancestors were low-vibing humans.


My accommodations on Olympus are stellar, yet I’m used to living among mortals. So, “trading places” with Panacea, I decided I’d just take over the little Earthship she called home. It’s pretty funky: two walls are made up of old tires, colored glass bottles, straw bales, and mud. The other two are on the side of a hill which keeps this place cool day and night. It also has its own water catchment system, an indoor garden and lots of animals!

Personal Information

General Overview: Circe knows her place. After being banished to Aeaea, she’s learned patience; however, she resorts to seduction when any mortal in her presence acts “confused” about his or her abilities. She is a fierce protector of individuality and reserves the right to redirect anyone she believes has joined the collective mindset.

Deity Nicknames: Kirke

Likes: Gardening, swimming and skinny dipping, sex, wine, moon dances, music, wildcrafting, painting, baking, solitude, sunshine, and independent thinking

Dislikes: Loud music, narrow minds, self-doubt, dishonesty, whining, a bandwagon mindset, spiritual weakness, neediness


Betrayed. Circe is untrusting of most. Her husband’s infidelities and years spent living alone have taught her that it doesn’t matter how much you get to know someone, they can still stab you in the back and smile.

Triggered. Circe has a tenuous grasp on her emotions, reacting quickly to things, spurred by a heightened sense of awareness that bleeds into extreme anxiety. She is likely to react instead of act, which often leaves a mess to clean up later.

Mirror, Mirror. Circe has lived alone for so long, she has grown accustomed to only focusing on herself and her own needs. Add to that the betrayal by her husband and Circe has committed to be her own best everything - friend, defender, caretaker. She’s not quite as self-centered as Narcissus, but if you ask her where the center of the world is, she’s gonna check the mirror.

Skills / Abilities

Immortality. Technically immortal. Immune to the effects of aging, cannot die by any conventional means, and is immune to all known mortal diseases and infections. As a deity, they are able to teleport, or "pop" anywhere in the mortal plane with a few exceptions, the God Floors of the GC HQ are mystically protected, so no teleporting to or in between them, anything on the non-mortal plane, i.e., the Underworld, Atlantis, and the Void, are non-accessible without a guide.

Babble-speak. Being part ocean nymph and considered a nature god, Circe has the ability to communicate with all living creatures: mortal, animal, and plant.

Potions Mistress. Circe has taught herself to master the brewing of potions and elixirs. Through the careful application of ancient texts and experimentation, she knows how to brew potions that heal and that can transform mortals into animals and vice versa. These potions take time and extensive supplies to craft, though Circe has all the time in the world, being immortal.

Siren’s Daughter. Circe has the ability to influence the minds of mortals and immortals with her voice, a gift she inherited from her siren mother. With mortals, she can instill simple commands and desires deep enough in the psyche that the mortal becomes obsessed with fulfilling it until the desire or command is satisfied. Immortals have a natural resistance to her siren song, but can be vulnerable if inebriated, altered by drugs, or especially weak.

Serpent’s Tongue. Wielding the powers of creation and destruction, Circe has the ability to speak spells that can bring on a natural storm or shield a small city from harm by natural forces. The amount of effort it takes to effect either of these is substantial, leaving her debilitated by headaches for several days afterward. During the recovery period, she has less control over her anxiety, but at least she knows that someone got what was coming to them - or was protected from the wrath of the gods.

Necromancy. Circe can call upon the spirits of the restless undead for information or to help with auguries (predictions). She cannot call upon any souls that have already crossed the Styx, but those that wander the mortal world are open to her call. She can only hold them for a brief amount of time, and to obtain the power for the spell, she must draw the lifeforce from a living thing to give the dead power to speak. Whether this kills her power source is a fine line to walk, and something Circe must be cautious of if she doesn’t want to end up with a corpse.

Animal Speak. Circe has the ability to speak to and understand animals. This manifests itself as a form of primal level telepathy combined with an understanding of animal mannerisms. Animals also have the ability to understand Circe. If the animal is a magical creature, it can be either easier to communicate or more difficult, depending on that creature's willingness to converse. This applies to vertebrate animals only.


Normal Daily Wear: Dark flowy dresses and scarves; occasionally skirts and sweaters just to keep it interesting

Alternate Dress Wear: N/A

Magical Artifacts/Weapons

Rhabdos. This wand, wielded by Circe, is used as a focal tool for gathering and directing her power. Formed from a burled piece of lightning-struck oak, inlaid with wraps of silver, with a gemstone-grade amethyst point fastened at the tip, the wand is an extension of Circe when working magic. Should someone pick the wand up without permission, they receive an electric shock and Circe knows that the wand has been handled.

Historical Synopsis

As the daughter of Helios and Perseis, Circe was seen as strange. She was not powerful like her father, nor was she as beautiful as her mother. Living with her siblings and parents in the House of Helios in the sky, Circe was able to observe the influence of her father’s power on the Earth below. Bearing witness to this phenomenon, she longed to know more.

That day came when she met, married and murdered her husband, the Prince of Colchis. Because she chose to dishonor her father’s power and take a life rather than invent a new one for herself, Zeus ordered Helios to deliver Circe to the island of Aeaea. Here she was expected to review her actions and find a way to be the Goddess she was born to be.

With time and the help of mortals and nymphs, Circe found herself living in a mansion, in the midst of a forest clearing. Every day, the nymphs delivered flowers and herbs for her to experiment with. The mortals had various daily duties for keeping the mansion and grounds clean and manicured.

Because the island was already inhabited, Circe was gifted books, which she read with enthusiasm. She found the words in them to be as satisfying as food. She noticed their effects as she took each one in, very much like the herbs, and wondered if she could conjure something up with the proper combination. As she practiced, the more powerful she became and eventually began turning some of the weaker mortals into different animals. It all depended on the nature they were exhibiting. Occasionally, she’d turn a man into a large cat because she desired the fierceness over the sex.

Circe is often referred to as an Enchantress and has made history through many epic tales; however, she prefers to call herself a Sorceress. While she understands the power of sex, it doesn’t do much for teaching people how to strengthen their minds and fortitude. Sex, while spiritual, is also addicting and more often than not, those being played remain stuck in the mundanity of life. While on the island of Aeaea, Circe met Odysseus during his visit from Ithaca. The two had three sons together, Telegonus, Latinus, and Agrius; yet, these men are not her only legacy. Her work intrigued and inspired the research of enzymologist, William Jencks, who went on to label an enzymatic reaction after her, The Circe Effect, which states: in order to speed up a reaction, the ground state of the substrate is destabilized by an enzyme. This being the perfect description of Circe, a catalyst for change.[1][2]

Introduction Written by Tammy Davis

What can I say? I’ve been living on Aeaea for a minute, yet it seems the status of being banned has been lifted. I hear Zeus is summoning the Gods and Goddesses to the 21st century to work and live among the mortals. I believe this will be quite easy for me, since I’ve been living with them for thousands of years. Well, maybe not 100% easy, since my island is unknown.

Our way of life hasn’t changed much. Actually, it hasn’t changed at all, and looks nothing like modern mortal living. So I guess I do have to acclimate myself a bit. The only problem really is finding a portal to carry me across the boundary of the island. Even though the ban has been dismissed, I am not allowed to eliminate the shielding veil that encircles our little utopia. I know this may sound like the Sorceress has gone soft; not even close. I have learned to pick my battles and going up against Zeus and my father, Helios, is a challenge I choose to avoid.

In order to pierce this veil, I have called upon my dead husband and asked that he assist me with locating a portal. It didn’t take long before he informed me that Panacea had lost her senses. Well, her mortal side had become too attached to the merriment of mundanity and was no longer carrying out Zeus’ wishes. This was my perfect gateway. In fact, what made it even better was that she wanted to be me for their Halloween festivities.

With this in mind, my deceased Prince became a bridge of communication because the veil between all worlds is diminished this time of year. He inspired her development of the incantation by sharing my words, which promises to transport me from the island…right into her body. And because she is a creature of ceaseless energy, I will turn around and transfer her energy into that of a goat.

While waiting, I continued to work with the spirits of the dead to learn about the current world and the place I will be living. It seems mortals have not evolved as much as I would have thought, and could use a little help.

I am the catalyst for change and have no tolerance for wimps, egomaniacs or any other fear-based behavior. I am self-made. If I can go from longing to being, so can mortals. They may not have the powers we Gods and Goddesses do; yet, they do have a mind. I intend on helping them use it. If you irritate me, I am the enzymatic Sorceress that will destabilize your existence.

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