Atilla the Hen and the Mini Voids

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Basic Information

Category: Void Creatures

Status: Non-Player Character

Nicknames: Mrs. Seen Some Shit, Atti, the chicks


Where they live: Eventide mostly, but Atilla sometimes follows Nyx around Do they live with anyone: They share a space with Adrastos, who adores them

General Information

Job: Guards and pets

Gender: All Female

History and Origins

Atilla spawned from a portal in the Void while Nyx was exploring Eventide. Seven smaller hens, all in black, came along behind the hen. When Nyx tried to separate them, to figure out who or what they potentially were, Atilla caused a great ruckus and fought beak and claw to stay with the others. They are inseparable, and with some exceptions, generally, stay in Eventide. Nyx does allow others to visit or take them out, as long as Atilla is agreeable to it – she usually is, if the whole flock can go.

Atilla and the Mini Voids don’t have any extravagant powers or skills. They fight like chickens would, fly/flutter the same, and by all appearances are literally mortal chickens. The only ability they seem to possess is accidentally creating portals to nowhere – not the Void, just empty space. Nyx is still experimenting with this.