If We Took a Holiday – Day 1

When Urania asked me if I wanted to get away with her, I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t need to know where, when, or why. Time alone with her is always what the doctor ordered. I was even more excited when she said we were going to the Cayman Islands. I had never been to the area. The band was supposed to play there once, but the gig fell through.

The flight was smooth. Well, not all of it was smooth. I talked Urania into joining the mile-high club. Let’s just say that afterward, we had the other passengers’ attention. At the airport, we rented a cute little blue Mini Cooper convertible.

Urania had reserved us a huge luxury home on the east end of Grand Cayman. It was a gorgeous seven-bedroom house. We pulled up the driveway, and my jaw dropped. I looked over at Urania to see she pretty much had the same reaction.

“I knew what we were getting, but the pictures do not do this place justice,” she said as she exited the car.

I grabbed our bags and followed her to the walkway. She opened the thick front door and we entered the home. There was a small hall in front of us, and a longer one to our left. I looked at Urania and her eyes were twinkling with excitement. I kissed her forehead and asked, “Which way?” She grabbed my shirt and kissed me hard. 

“Bedroom,” she practically purred as she tore my button-up off. I swept her up into my arms and carried her to the master bedroom. I dropped her on the bed and she wiggled herself out of her tights. I took off my shorts and crawled onto the bed. She placed her hands on either side of my face and kissed me passionately. She rolled me to my back and stood over me. She did a little dance as she slid off her panties and kicked them to the ground. My blood was pumping as she danced over me. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down to me. I had not seen this side of her yet. I think I like this Urania.

After our…fun time…and a second session in the shower, we finally checked out the house. The master bedroom led to a huge porch that wrapped around more than half the house, an infinity pool and a gazebo. Off the porch, there was a door to one of the other bedrooms and a main door that led to the kitchen, dining room, and living room. The house had seven bedrooms and five bathrooms in total, with a billiards room, and a chef, which we declined. We both knew we wouldn’t be here enough to eat…just time for other things.

The Cayman Islands are surrounded by water, so we threw our suits on under our clothes. It was still pretty early, so once we got settled in, I asked, “What do we do first?”

She snagged the keys and ran for the door. “You’ll see.”

I smiled and shook my head. This trip was going to be fun. Urania drove, following the GPS to a place called Stingray City. I looked at her and smiled. “What are we going to do here?”

She turned the car off and smiled. “We’re going to play with the stingrays.”

She kissed my nose and got out of the car. I followed close behind her, which really was the best place to be. What? I can’t help it, she has a cute butt.

We paid for the full experience which gave us the ability to swim with them, go snorkeling, and feed them. If you’ve never felt a stingray before, make time to do it. They are smooth and rubbery, and so gentle. Urania stood in front of me and was giddy as she reached out to touch one.

“They aren’t going to hurt you,” I said playfully. She hit me with an elbow.

“I know that silly,” she giggled as she reached out, touching one as it swam by. I love watching her get excited over things. When she smiles, it makes her eyes twinkle, and it’s like I’m looking at the stars in the sky. I fell to my knees and let my arms wade on top of the water as Urania fed the stingrays.

After about an hour or so, Urania said, “Can I have…” I knew where she was going with her question.

“Absolutely not.”

She swam over to me, lower lip out. “Why not?”

I laughed at her attempt at pouting.

“Because we have nowhere to put it.”

She scrunched up her face as she thought about it and then threw her arms around my neck.

“Good point.”

My breath caught as we had a mini make-out session. Just when I thought she was going to take the next step, she pulled away and said, “Dugo needs a friend though.”

I shook my head and laughed. We spent the next few hours swimming and snorkeling. My stomach started to rumble, so I swam up behind Urania, wrapped her in a hug and kissed her neck. In between kisses, I asked, “How about some lunch? 

She cozied into my embrace and softly moaned. After a few moments she said, “Sure, I’m getting a little hungry.”

She gave the closest stingray a kiss and we headed out. We decided on a place called Vivo. We took a table with the best view of the Caribbean Sea. The food was good, if not a little different. I ordered Red Puttanesca with vegetarian mozzarella and Urania ordered Aglio, Olio e Peperoncino. She couldn’t stop talking about the stingrays. I have to admit it was pretty fun. We finished eating and decided that we both wanted to take a walk on the beach. I handed the waiter my card and asked, “Where’s a good place to walk the beach?”

He smiled wide and said, “Seven Mile Beach, man. “‘Tis beautiful there,” He said with a strong Jamaican accent.

Seven Mile Beach was a few miles down the road. It was late afternoon when we got there. We stepped onto the warm sand of the crescent-shaped beach, the smell of coral filling our noses. We left our shoes in the car and enjoyed the warm water over our toes. There wasn’t a ton of people around, so it almost felt like it was just us as we walked hand in hand along the sand.

There were bars and restaurants up and down the beach, so we definitely took a few breaks to wet our whistles. We were on the way back, half through the walk when Urania jumped on my back. She nibbled on my ear and said, “I want to go dancing.”

I turned my head to try to look at her. “Yeah?”

She smiled, slapped my ass like I was a horse, and said, “Yeah, giddy up, stud.”

I whinnied and jogged toward the car, with Urania laughing the whole way. We passed a place called The Lodge, and Urania yelled, “Here! I wanna stop here!” She jumped off my back and ran inside. The Lodge was three separate bars in one. The Tavern is where the dancing was, so that was where we went.

We caught the last minute or so of Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar On Me”. The bartender was in front of us as we hit the bar. She was spinning a bottle across her shoulders and pouring it into a glass. She tossed both the bottle and the glass in the air and caught them with the opposite hands. She topped off the drink she was making and leaned into us. “What can I get ya?”

“Malibu Sunset,” Urania said with a smile. 

The bartender looked at me, and her jaw dropped open. She pointed to me and said, “You-you-you’re…” That was all she got out. I smiled and shook my head. She took a minute to compose herself and said, “I love your band. Will you sing tonight?” 

I shrugged my shoulders with a smile. “Maybe.” 

She grabbed the bottle of Malibu and said, “You’re drinking for free tonight. What would you like?” 

I usually like a smooth whiskey, but not tonight. “I’ll take an old fashion.” The bartender did her magic tricks on both our drinks and set three shot glasses down. Whatever she put in them they didn’t mix, so there were three levels of alcohol.

She pushed two towards us and raised the last. “Here’s to a good night.” We clinked glasses and downed the shots.

“Ohh, I like that,” Urania said. It was pretty good. She took her Malibu and turned for the dance floor. I picked up my drink, gave the bartender a nod, and followed my love. We had a blast dancing with each other, with others, by ourselves. Urania was making friends all night. People slowly recognized me, but everyone was cool. No one rushed me or made a big deal which made the night even more fun. I sang a few songs but spent most of the night dancing. It was about twelve-thirty when the bartender called last call.

Urania was in my arms and we were swaying to the beat. She grabbed my wrists and threw my arms down, turned around to face me, and said, “Oh my gosh, I have an idea.” She kissed my cheek and ran up to the DJ booth. She whispered something in his ear and he nodded. The DJ turned the sound down on the song and handed Urania a microphone. She waved to the crowd.

“Hi guys! So Apollo and I are staying in this ginormous house and we want to invite all of you to continue this party with us.”

She handed the mic back to the DJ as the crowd went wild. Everyone either hugged or high fived Urania as she walked by. She jumped into my arms and said, “That’s ok, right?”

I didn’t care. If it made her happy, that’s all that mattered. I kissed her nose. “It’s a wonderful idea.”

She kissed me passionately. When we needed to come up for a breath, she said, “I know,” and went back to kissing me. “Boyfriends” by Ariana Grande came on and Urania jumped out of my arms. “I love this song,” she said as she shimmied her way into a group of dancing women. Did I mention how much I love this woman? Well, I do.

There were about thirty people that followed us home, and I think the party got even better than it was at the bar. I pulled my guitar out and played a few songs, including “Perfect”, Urania’s favorite. She was dancing seductively in front of me as I sang. It was making it a little hard to concentrate on the words. When the song ended she whispered in my ear, “Let’s go to bed.” She turned and intentionally swayed her hips as she walked away. I set my guitar down and followed her, like a puppy following its master. She had that kind of pull on me.

She leaned on the glass door and I kissed her deeply. Without breaking the kiss, Urania reached behind her neck and untied her bikini top. I pushed the door open and she jumped into my arms. I carried her into the bathroom and set her on the counter. I quickly disrobed and lightly ran my fingers up her legs. I pulled off her panties and picked her back up. Our bodies were creating so much heat. I carried her into the shower, which had a shower head on both sides, and turned them on. We made love in the shower. I don’t know what created more steam, us or the shower.

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