House of the Rising Sun

It may never have been my scene, but I never shy from a wild ride. Lately, I’ve been wondering where to sink my time in the nights, and while I love pursuing the artists of the world, I need somewhere to rest. So when Zeus called everyone together to generate revenue, I knew what I had to do. 

While I can’t take the credit for the name (that must go to one of my children), I couldn’t be more proud of the House of the Rising Sun, my new ampitheatre. I will promote the beauty and strength of artists. I want musicians to feel welcomed upon the stage, poets to be invited freely, and the sounds to flow in the air like a hand over silk. 

The air will be filled with the honeyed tones of the beautiful, and the words will be given life by those who weave their art upon the stage. Any drink a man could imagine will flow from our kegs. Nothing but the finest of each for any who so choose to take from that which is displayed, though not without cost. All served around smooth polished tables of a gorgeous natural rosewood. A luminescence within each table, an enchanted glow that dims with the start of a performance and glows brighter between the sets.

Those who have a true burning desire and passion for music are welcomed to the building free of charge; all others will be spurned at the door. To those who cannot come or are refused entrance, they are of course welcome to watch the live version online on the main website for the House of the Rising Sun (On the top right, click “View Performances” – “Live Talent” – “In the House”). For those who are allowed in though, there is one stipulation. You must leave all your worldly possessions at the door. (Minimalist clothing will be provided for those that feel it necessary.)

The rules are as follows:
1. Any distractions will result in 1 warning in the form of your table glowing a dark red. If it happens again, you will be removed from the premises.
2. Be understanding that if something is not to your taste, that does not make the artist bad at what they do.
3. Clean any large messes you made yourself if you are able to. If not, please make your way to the bar after the song and ask for assistance. They will determine the appropriate actions to take.
4. Be polite to all staff, no exceptions.
5. Anyone of a blood alcohol level over .05% will be provided a room until they are safe to commute.

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